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LATEST REPORT: Posted at 8:46am on Monday 23rd January 2017
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Monday 23rd January 2017, 8:46am
Sunday 22nd January 2017, 8:17am 2cm
Saturday 21st January 2017, 8:48am 6cm
Friday 20th January 2017, 8:39am 0cm
Thursday 19th January 2017, 8:31am 1cm
Wednesday 18th January 2017, 7:50am 8cm
Tuesday 17th January 2017, 8:31am 24cm
Last 7 reports (total): 73cm
Last 14 reports (total): 307cm
Current month (January 2017) total: 333cm
2016/2017 season so far total: 479cm

Morning from Yuzawa.

It was a beautiful day yesterday and the popular ski resorts were indeed extremely popular by all accounts - it was going to be the case after all that snow last week, and of course being a Sunday in peak season.

This morning the snow is back. And in style too, with 32cm (and counting) of fresh snowfall measured just now in town, and this being reported by the ski resorts:

Kagura: 30-40cm
Maiko Snow Resort: 30-40cm

A very nice new layer... with more on the way, because it's going to be snowing through today and tomorrow - and heavily at times.

It looks like strong winds are affecting Kagura with a few top lifts there on hold at the start of the day. They'll get those moving if the wind situation improves. All other ski resorts are open.

This snow storm should ease off around Wednesday with nice sunny skies currently forecast for Thursday.

Let's see how much snow falls today. Will report the latest tomorrow morning.


Official snow depth information as of Monday 23rd January 2016

Some resorts have not yet updated their numbers as this report was posted and so unchanged.

GALA Yuzawa
The South Area has re-opened; all areas now open.
Official snow depth: 280cm

Ishiuchi Maruyama
Official snow depth: 240cm

Official snow depth: 190cm

Joetsu Kokusai
Official snow depth: 260cm

Official snow depth:
Kagura - 320cm
Mitsumata - 290cm
Tashiro - 270cm

Kandatsu Kogen
Official snow depth: 250cm

Maiko Snow Resort
Official snow depth:
Upper - 270cm
Base - 150cm

Muikamachi Hakkaisan
Official snow depth: 290cm

Official snow depth: 210cm

NASPA Ski Garden
Official snow depth: 255cm

Yuzawa Kogen
Official snow depth:
Top - 270cm
Base - 190cm

Yuzawa Park
Official snow depth: 190cm

Yuzawa Nakazato
Official snow depth: 170cm


'Nighta' (floodlit night operations)

Below are details of the planned 'nighta' operations at ski and snowboards resorts around Yuzawa and Minamiuonuma this season.
This information is subject to change due to snow and weather conditions.
*** Please note that this section will not be updated every day.

Ishiuchi Maruyama
Daily until 19th March 2017.
Nighta is from 5pm until 8:50pm.
The Chuo Number 1, Chuo Number 2 and Kanko Number 3 Express lifts are open daily.
The Kanko Number 1 Express lift, Hatsukaishi Entrance lift and Hatsukaishi Number 2 pair lifts are also open on weekends and holidays.

Daily until 20th March 2017.
Nighta is from 5pm until 9pm on Saturdays and until 8pm on weekdays and Sundays.
The Main course, Grand course and West courses are open during nighta.

Joetsu Kokusai
Daily until 20th March 2017.
Nighta is from 5pm until 9pm.
The area in front of the main base hotel is open for nighta.

Kandatsu Kogen
'Hobo All Night' ('Almost All Night') is on Fridays, Saturdays and nights before holidays between 29th December 2016 and 1st April 2017.
The nighta opening times on those days is from 6pm until 4am the following morning.

Maiko Snow Resort
Daily until 19th March 2017.
Nighta is from 4pm until 8pm.
The Maiko center quad lift on the Maiko Side of the resort operates for nighta.

Daily until 26th March 2017.
Nighta is from 4pm until 8:30pm.

NASPA Ski Garden
'Thanks' (extended) opening on Saturdays in January and February and also from 30th December until 8th January 2017.
On those days the Number 1 lift is open until 6pm.

Yuzawa Nakazato
Every Saturday from 7th January until 11th March 2017, 8th January 2017.
Nighta is from 5pm until 8:30pm.
The Number 2 pair lift operates during nighta.

Yuzawa Now ski lift operation notes:

Top lifts at Kagura affected by wind this morning but otherwise resorts open

Sunday 22nd January 2017
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Photo 2
Photo 3
Nearby ski resorts
Official snow depth and weekly forecasts
(updated Monday 23rd January 2017)
Daily snow reports
Other SnowJapan 'Now' reports and latest observed snowfall
Myoko Now 55cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 10:43am
Naeba Now 30cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 10:40am
Appi Kogen Now 22cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 10:22am
Zao Now 16cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 10:04am
Furano Now 25cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 9:46am
Madarao Now 19cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 9:26am
Nozawa Onsen Now 28cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 8:47am
Shiga Kogen Now 28cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 9:13am
Grandeco Now 16cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 8:44am
Hakuba Now 11cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 8:36am
Niseko Now 9cm
Monday 23rd January 2017, 8:32am
Minakami Now 0cm
Sunday 22nd January 2017, 11:11am
Kiroro Now 10cm
Saturday 21st January 2017, 11:22am
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The data displayed is correct up to and including Monday 23rd January 2017
This table shows the amount of observed snowfall recorded in the Yuzawa Now reports during same period over the last three seasons
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*as of Monday 23rd January 2017
23rd January 32cm 11cm 0cm
22nd January 2cm 8cm 0cm
21st January 6cm 26cm 5cm
20th January 0cm 3cm 25cm
19th January 1cm 4cm 10cm
18th January 8cm 1cm 30cm
17th January 24cm 3cm 5cm
Previous 7 days total 73cm 56cm 75cm
Previous 14 days total 307cm 66cm 180cm
November observed snowfall total 2cm 0cm 0cm
December observed snowfall total 144cm 92cm 559cm
January observed snowfall total 333cm 143cm 420cm
February observed snowfall total - 151cm 228cm
March observed snowfall total - 38cm 95cm
April observed snowfall total - 0cm 1cm
May observed snowfall total - 0cm 0cm
Season observed snowfall total 479cm 424cm 1303cm
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The data displayed is correct up to and including Monday 23rd January 2017
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  October November December January February March April May
2016/2017 season - 2cm
- - - -
2015/2016 season 0cm
2014/2015 season 0cm
2013/2014 season 0cm
2012/2013 season 0cm
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