Resort Spotlight: Maiko Snow Resort (Niigata)

Maiko Snow Resort
Minamiuonuma, Niigata

Maiko Snow Resort is located in Minamiuonuma, just to the north of Yuzawa town, in Niigata Prefecture.  Varied courses, great snow conditions, fast ski lifts, spectacular views and excellent ease of access make Maiko Snow Resort a popular resort. Topics for the 2016-2017 season here.

** More details and snow & weather report for Maiko Snow Resort can be found here **


Maiko Snow Resort has three main Areas and two 'bases'. Nagamine Area is home to the Maiko Gondola and about 2km from the exit of the Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC of the Kanetsu Expressway. The Maiko Gondola takes you up to the Okusoechi Area, offering spectacular views of close-by Mt Iiji-san and the surrounding Minamiuonuma mountains. The Maiko Area of the resort is closes to the Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC, the closest lift is just a few hundred meters from the IC exit, and night skiing and snowboarding is available in this area.

Maiko Snow Resort:
Maximum elevation: 920m
Minimum elevation: 260m
Vertical: 660m

40% beginner level
40% intermediate level
20% advanced level

20% ungrommed
10% moguls
400m sledge course
26 courses in total
6,000m longest skiable course
Steepest course 32
1 Gondola (2800m)
4 quad lifts
1 triple lift
4 pair lifts
1 single lifts


Maiko Area
Course name Length Level Max grad Av grad
Dolphin Course (M13) 1370m Intermediate 29° 11°
Champion Course (M14) 1770m Advanced 32° 30°
Bronze Course (M15) 500m Intermediate 18° 14°
Gold Course (M16) 180m Intermediate 27° 22°
Silver Course (M17) 300m Intermediate 26° 21°
Riezen Course (M18) 680m Intermediate 18° 9°
Paradise Course (M19) 760m Beginner 15° 10°
Kinder Course (M20) 930m Beginner 10° 8°
Easy Course (M21) 300m Beginner 9° 7°
Bambi Course (M22) 430m Beginner 9° 7°
Family Course (M23) 480m Beginner 79° 6°
Romance Course (M24) 830m Beginner 8° 7°
Snow Park 420m      
Mori no Stage (M25)   Beginner    
Melody Line (M26)   Beginner    
Smile Kids Park   Beginner    
Sledge Course (weekends) 400m   7° 6°
Nagamine Area
Course name Length Level Max grad Av grad
Nagamine RanRan Course (N3) 5000m Beginner 8° 7°
ChoiChoi Course (N12) 700m Beginner 5° 4°
ByunByun Course (N11) 800m Intermediate 17° 10°
GanGan Course (N10) 800m Advanced 24° 14°
GinGin Course (N9) 670m Intermediate 22° 15°
Smile Kids Park        
Okusoechi Area
Course name Length Level Max grad Av grad
GunGun Course (O1) 820m Advanced 24° 15°
ZokuZoku Course (O2) 410m Advanced 28° 20°
Okusoechi RanRan Course (O3) 1000m Beginner 10° 6°
GuiGui Course (O4 940m Intermediate 23° 13°
RunRun Course (O5) 300m Beginner 12° 10°
SuiSui Course (O6) 500m Intermediate 20° 10°
RakuRaku Course (O7) 400m Beginner 9° 6°
SanSan Course (O8) 300m Intermediate 13° 10°




Lift Open Close Open Close Open Close
Maiko Gondola (A) 8:00 15:45 8:00 15:30 8:30 15:00
Nagamine No1 Quad (E) 8:00 16:30 8:00 16:30 8:30 16:00
Nagamine No2 Quad (D) 8:15 16:00 8:15 16:00 8:45 15:45
Shuttle Pair (F) 8:15 17:00 8:15 17:00 8:45 16:30
Okusoechi Quad (B) 8:15 16:00 8:15 16:00 8:45 15:30
Okusoechi Pair (C) 8:45 16:00 8:45 16:00 9:15 15:30
Maiko Center Quad (H) 8:00 20:00 8:00 20:00 8:30 20:00
Maiko Triple (G) 8:30 16:30 8:30 16:30 9:00 16:30
Maiko Family (K) 9:00 16:00 9:00 15:00 - -
Maiko No1 Pair (J) 8:00 19:00 8:00 17:30 8:30 17:30
Maiko No2 Pair (I) 8:15 17:00 8:15 16:00 8:45 16:00


2016-2017 Season Topics

New items and a renewal of the Nixon Snow Park 'Garden' park, in the Maiko Area of the resort.

The new 'Bank Yard' park area on the Dolphin Course (M13) in the Maiko Area will be a popular park area featuring bank, wave, mound, table top and other park items.

The Peak Performance 'Off Piste Zone' in the Nagamine Area of Maiko Snow Resort is an ungroomed powder course, with a length of 1,000m and a maximum gradient of 32 degrees. It is a challenging course and highly recommended for those who enjoy untouched powder. (* Please note that the opening of this course area is dependant on the current snow and weather conditions on any given day).

The 'Tree House' on the Mori no Stage (M25) course of the Maiko Area offers a fine place to rest and watch what is going on - you might even spot some wild animal tracks in the snow!

Special 'Kids Areas' - in the Maiko Area and the Nagamine Area. The entry charge is 500 yen for children ages 3 and over - that charge includes sledge rental and use of the snow escalator.

Day Ski Centre

The Day Ski Centre is open from 11:45pm from 29th December 2016 until 25th March 2017, closing at 7pm - changing rooms and onsen are open during this time, allowing you the chance for first tracks and excellent early morning snow conditions.  At other times during the season the Day Ski Centre is open from 7am until 6pm.

The Day Ski Centre acts as a base to the resort and offers a variety of facilities - including the Spa Maiko Onsen and also the Gondola... be the first up to the slopes in a morning!

1st Floor Saturdays, Sundays & holidays Weekdays
Ticket Counter
Smiley Crepe
Omiyage souvenirs
Locker Rooms
Changing Rooms
2nd Floor    
Smile Kids Park
Mama Miki Kids Snow School
Kids Pit
Kids Room
(closed 12pm-1pm)
3rd Floor    
Overnight Resting Room
Rest Room
4th Floor    
Spa Maiko Onsen
Relaxation Room
2:00pm-8:00am the next day
2:00pm-8:00am the next day
(Saturdays: Open overnight
between 29th Dec-25th Mar)
2:30pm-6:30pm / 11:45pm-8am
11:45pm - 8:00am


Lift Tickets

  Adult Child
(6-12 years)
(over 55 years)
Maiko one day pass* 4,700 yen 2,900 yen 4,200 yen
Maiko 2 day pass* 8,200 yen 5,200 yen 7,300 yen
Maiko 3 day pass* 11,500 yen 7,300 yen 10,200 yen
5 hour pass 4,200 yen 2,600 yen 3,700 yen
Nighta pass 500 yen 500 yen 500 yen

*1 Day Pass - from open on first day until close on first day
*2 Day Pass - from open on first day until close on second day
*3 Day Pass - from open on first day until close on third day

Floodlit night skiing and boarding from 4pm until 8pm in the Maiko Area.

Banana Boat ride: 500 yen per person (5 years and over)
11am-3pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Ski Rental

Ski and snowboard rental is available at from 3 locations at the resort:
Day Ski Centre
8:00am - 5:00pm weekdays; 7:30am - 5:00pm holidays
Maiko Kogen Hotel
8:30am - 7:00pm weekdays; 8:00am - 8:00pm holidays
Maiko Parking Centre
8:30am - 7:00pm weekdays; 8:00am - 8:00pm holidays
Some personal identification may be required for rental of equipment.

Ski Adult Child
(6-12 years)
(over 55 yrs)
(high school age)
Ski set (5 hours) 3,800 yen 2,200 yen 3,300 yen 3,300 yen
Ski set (1 day) 4,200 yen 2,500 yen 3,700 yen 3,700 yen
Ski set + wear (5 hours) 5,800 yen 3,700 yen 5,300 yen 5,300 yen
Ski set + wear (1 day) 6,500 yen 4,000 yen 6,000 yen 6,000 yen


Snowboard Adult Child
(6-12 years)
(over 55 yrs)
(high school age)
Snowboard set (5 hours) 3,800 yen 2,200 yen 3,300 yen 3,300 yen
Snowboard set (1 day) 4,200 yen 2,500 yen 3,700 yen 3,700 yen
Snowboard set + wear (5 hours) 5,800 yen 3,700 yen 5,300 yen 5,300 yen
Snowboard set + wear (1 day) 6,500 yen 4,000 yen 6,000 yen 6,000 yen

Other equipment is available for rent including helmets (500 yen).


Ski and snowboard lessons in English!

This year Maiko Snow Resort is introducing ski and snowboard lessons in English, courtesy of Snow Country Instructors.  For more information on Snow Country Instructors, please visit their website or call +81 (0)90 2400 5303.



There are a number of restaurants around the resort, both at base and on the slopes offering a wide range of menus to choose from.


Events 2016-2017 Season

Yuji Maji 19!  Yuki Maji 20!  Smile 21&22!

Calling 19 year olds! 
If you were born between 2nd April 1997 and 1st April 1998.....
.....receive a 1 day pass free!!

Calling 20 year olds!
If you were born between 2nd April 1996 and 1st April 1997.....
.....receive 50% off a 1 day pass!

Calling 21 & 22 year olds!
If you were born between 2nd April 1995 and 1st April 1996
If you were born between 2nd April 1994 and 1st April 1995
.....receive 50% off a 1 day pass!

The above must be reserved online and registration is required along with identification on arriving at the resort.

Tuesday & Wedneday Discounts

Every Tuesday - discount for men!  (excluding 3rd January 2016)
Every Wednesday - discount for women!

-Maiko 1 day pass for just 3500 yen (1200 yen off the normal price);
-half price entry to Maiko Onsen;
-500 yen off rental;
-500 yen off a regular school lesson.

Ski Childrens Day

Elementary school students can receive a Maiko 1 Day pass for free on the third Sunday of the month:

-18th December 2016
-17th January 2017
-19th February 2017
-19th March 2017

How to get to Maiko Snow Resort

By bus:
A free shuttle bus service is available from Echigo Yuzawa Station to Maiko Snow Resort - the journey takes approximately 20 minutes. Echigo Yuzawa Station is around 80 minutes from Tokyo Station using the Joetsu Shinkansen.

By car:
The Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC exit on the Kanetsu Expressway is less than 1km from the Maiko Area and about 2km from the base of the Nagamine Area. National Route 17 is less than 2km from the resort.

Maiko Kogen Hotel is located right by the slopes in the Maiko Area of the ski resort. More information on Maiko Kogen Hotel can be found here.