Advertising on SnowJapan

Advertising on SnowJapan

Since 1999 SnowJapan has firmly established itself as the English-language Japan winter sports website and online community, growing rapidly each season.

SnowJapan attracts a broad audience of people from all over the world who are interested in the large but still very targeted subject of skiing and snowboarding in Japan.

The site is part of a small company called Iponics Japan, of which the creator of SnowJapan is the Managing Director. Iponics Japan offers web design and marketing services as well as operating and developing SnowJapan. Read more about the background of the site here.

Developing and improving SnowJapan has always been our passion. And our independent status is important to us. This means that we are not backed or sponsored by any big business; we're not trying to sell one region over another; we don't run paid advertorials; we don't accept any kind of commission-based advertising.

In fact, we actually limit advertising on SnowJapan - you might notice that most of our pages are totally advertising-free.

We are extremely happy to build relationships with Japanese ski resorts, accommodations and other related businesses who are actively interested in getting their information out to our large audience and the English-speaking world. After all, increasing the choice of options for our readers is most definitely a good thing and something we are keen to do. 

If you own or know of a business that you think might be interested in having a presence on SnowJapan, please do contact us and let us know.

We’re confident of the effectiveness of being part of SnowJapan, and even more so with this new version of SnowJapan and our plans for moving forward.

Our approach may be somewhat unconventional but we believe that it helps the businesses that are introduced on the site stand out more and increases effectiveness.

Contact us here with any questions and we will get back to you promptly.

Thank you.