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ARCHIVE REPORT: Posted at 7:29am on Monday 27th February 2012
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Archive report: Posted at 7:29am on Monday 27th February 2012
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It's very sunny and blue skies outside at the moment. We saw just a little bit of snow last night, perhaps 5cm or so. There is a bit of wind out there now and hopefully that dies down as the temperature stabilizes. Yesterday we saw the most overnight snowfall we had seen in a while which was about 20cm and some fine conditions to ride in. Niseko Village gondola had to close down at 1:30 because of the increasing winds.

As per backcountry travel, it is a bit weird out there. We have had a terrible wind streak where the past 2 weeks has had a lot of snow drifting. Please be sure to remember this makes all backcountry trips individual cases and there is no "one size fits all" avalanche forecast.

The weather is really up in the air (pun intended ha-ha) for the next couple days. Reading the local forecast they willingly admit they are not sure what is going to happen. It ranges from it could get hot - relatively of course - and sunny to cold and snowy. If there was a greater range somehow possible, I am sure they would include it. It does not look likely that we can expect much snowfall though over the next few days.

Grand Hirafu / Hanazono:
Top - 410cm
Bottom - 220cm

Niseko Village:
Top - 470cm
Bottom - 240cm

Top - 465cm
Bottom - 230cm

Niseko Avalanche Report:

Niseko base 6am: -7C., 5cm of particle and Broken Graupel in the Past twelve hours Coatal Data:. NNE10m / s at Cape Benkei, 2.8m Waves and 1011HPa at Cape Kamui Moiwa 800 meters:. 15cm Development of Snowdrift, -9C. Annupuri Peak N17.3M / s, -16C..
Snowfall transition: A strong NE wind (18m / s) due to passing low-pressure system has blown above 700m altitude yesterday 45cm thick snowdrifts has developed in S to SW facing slopes The wind shifted westerly as the Low moved east, peaking WNW19m / s at the coast at 18:00 yesterday and stagnated around 10m / s NW since then. A northerly wind picked up again since early this morning, making unstable snowdrifts to develop thicker.
Hazard evaluation:. The wind-affected snowdrifts have grown up to 50cm until this morning and still growing Avalanche risk is HIGH with extremely unstable snowdrifts present in upper Anbetsu area (B4), Moiwa-Mikaeri area (C4-D5), Backbowl-Osawa area (E6-F5), area Hgashi-One (1996-G9) is Feb twenty-three Layer Potential trigger. rd - 25 th .
Gates: peak gates (2 & 3) will be closed today.
Caution:. Large-scale spring avalanches are more likely to happen in seasons with total snowfall exceeding 14m Riding the valley bottoms and traversing all the way from gate 5 to the end of Higashi-One should be refrained in order to minimize the chances of accidents to happen. One bad example can lead many others to do the same and simply increase the probability of severe incidents to happen.

Archive report: Posted at 7:29am on Monday 27th February 2012
The latest Niseko Now report can be found here

Niseko Now ski lift operation notes:

Lifts should be operating as normally.

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