Snow and weather reports posted on Monday 6th May 2019

Madarao Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 8:19am
Weather conditions: snowfall
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Overnight Madarao collected around 20~30cm of fresh snow, while the snowfall is predicted to continue through out the course of the day, an extra 5cm on top of that coverage is expected.

The temperature at the moment is -7.0 degrees in the villiage. This will vary between -8.0 and -3.0 degrees throughout the day. Visability conditions are currently poor in the village and on the mountain and will likely remain so as snow continues to fall throughout the day.

As for the events calender, tomorrow the opening night of the Miyukino Snow Theater International Short Film Festival will be held in Madarao.

This festival will be open to public viewing Friday until the late hours of Saturday 12th of February. Definately a sight to see, as the area is completely built up by snow, theater seating, enterance, exit and even the viewing screen.

Lifts currently operating:

No 1 lift
No 2 quad lift
No 3 a lift
No 5 lift
Super Quad
No 11 Lift
No 12 Lift
No 13 Lift
No 15 lift
Tangram No 2 Lift

Moving Belt at Kids Park
Snowboard beginner course   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 8:54am
Weather conditions: Mostly overcast
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Clouds obscuring the higher parts of Happo-one this morning with patches of blue in other places, today looks like a possible mixed bag of cloud, a little sun, maybe some light flakes later.

It is s a cold morning out, -10 degrees at 1400m at -4 degrees at 760m right now. Winds at altitude (2080m, around Happo-ike) are gusting from the NW to speeds of around 15m/s but down on the resort at Usagidaira (1400m) only 3m/s form the south so shouldn't be any problems with wind unless right up the top or close to the ridgelines there might be some carry-over.

Snow depth on Happo has not changed since midnight, Goryu are reporting 20cm new snow however and Cortina are saying 30cm up top so it seems there's some freshies out there somewhere though observed fres snow overnight in the valley is around 2cm on the car window.

The forecast is for a litle snow overnight possibly, reports are still calling for a decent amount of snow Saturday.

Some observed slab avalanches yesterday as the new snow, 40cm at altitude, and layer below that from the weekend deposit have not bonded well to the pack below that - what was 10-15cm of sluff sliding off on Monday has now become 50-60cm + and travel in the backcountry in alpine areas and open bowls should be approached with extreme caution - better off finding good snow on the resort runs and in managed tree areas.

Official snow depths and operations @ Thursday 10th February AM:

Hakuba Goryu
Night time operations from 6pm until 9:30pm.
Alps daira - 324cm;
Toomi - 180cm;
Iimori - 160cm.

Hakuba 47:
Normal operations today.
Snow depth (upper) - 216cm.

Nakiyama nighta now operating.
Usagidaira/Kurobishi - 250cm;
Sakka - 160cm;
Shirakaba - 130cm;
Nakiyama - 130cm.

Tsugaike Kogen:
Snow depth - 305cm
Maruyama area - 150cm
Champion - 250cm

Hakuba Iwatake:
Upper - 185cm
Lower - 115cm

Hakuba Cortina:
Cortina is reporting 30cm of fresh snow this morning.
Upper - 360cm
Lower - 230cm

Hakuba Sanosaka:

Hakuba Minekata:
145cm   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 9:10am
Weather conditions: Snow, cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
A bit of a wet kind of snow falling yesterday later on and not really anything to show for it but it has been snowing overnight and there is perhaps up to 5-10cm or so in places this morning around town and it is still snowing now. It is keeping cold too and right now -3 degrees in town and unlikely to rise much above that during the day.

Kagura this morning are reporting 30cm of fresh snow so looks like the mountains got more and conditions will once again be really good this morning. Nice. Winds are affecting operations at Kagura though which is open on the Mitsumata side from the Ropeway to the No1 pair lift and on the Tashiro side from the Ropeway to the No1 quad lift. Other resorts in town seem to be unaffected by winds.

It looks like we are on for some decent clear conditions tomorrow morning followed by that potentially quite heavy snowfall later on in the day into Saturday.... looks like it will be a cold and snowy weekend.

Tomorrow is a national holiday in Japan and so the first of a three day weekend --- and one of the busiest of the season.

Official snow depths @ Thursday 10th February 2011 AM




Gala Yuzawa:

Yuzawa Kogen:

Yuzawa Park:

Yuzawa Nakazato:

Kandatsu Kogen:


NASPA Ski Garden:

Ishiuchi Maruyama:
260cm   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 9:19am
Weather conditions: Cloud, sun, light snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
After the snow of yesterday, which pretty much kept on coming down for most of the day, it's a morning of quickly moving clouds and the sun showing at times. The gradual new layers of snow though are keeping things good. Changing by the minute almost, but just some light snow falling in places at times - nothing major.

Looks like we will see more of the sun tomorrow before clouds moving in and depositing some decent amounts of snow late Friday into the weekend. That's what the forecasts all seem to be saying, so fingers crossed. Tomorrow will be busier than a normal Friday as it is a national holiday, so early birds get the best tomorrow.

In the meantime have fun today, good conditions to be out there.

Nighta operations this evening planned at the following resort area:

- Ichinose Family
- Kumanoyu

Official resort snow depths as of 10th February 2011 AM:

Sun Valley:
Ichinose Family:
Ichinose Diamond:
Okushiga Kogen:
195cm   Read more ...

Minakami Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 9:46am
Weather conditions: Snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The snow is falling again, and it is very cold and blowy at the moment. The wind picked up yesterday evening swirling the fresh snow around and it blew on and off throughout the night. There is quite a bit of accummulation in the valley this morning and Tenjin is reporting 40 centimetres at the top. There is a wind blowing today which could cause disruption to lift operation at times.

It's shaping up to be a busy few days on the slopes over here and it looks as if the weather is going to oblige with some fresh snow. Snow today, overcast Friday and then snow on Saturday. Should be a great long weekend.   Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 9:56am
Weather conditions: Some fog and cloud with light snow showers and some sunshine
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Only a dusting of snow overnight and this morning there's been a mix of light snow and sunshine. Although we haven't had much snow for a number of days now at least it has remained cold and the snow up on the mountain is still in pretty good condition. The slopes off the peak especially will still have some really nice snow and plenty of fresh tracks still to be had. There's still some good snow lower down off-piste but it is getting pretty tracked out and sun facing slopes will be crusty.
There is a band of precipitation just to the west of us currently and this is expected to cross the region a little later this morning so we will see more snow today which should continue through tomorrow.

Current Official Snow Depths:

Grand Hirafu:
Top - 360
Bottom - 190

Niseko Village:
Top - 380
Bottom - 200

Top - 315
Bottom - 220

Avalanche Information:

All gates scheduled to open this morning, please follow the ski patrol's instruction.
Annupuri peak 6am: -12.5 ℃, N3.6m / s. The wind seems to have calmed down and is hovering around 5-10m / s northwesterly at the peak. Some flakes have fallen from early morning, however not sufficient to recover the tracks . No big change in the snow-pack can be observed. Crusty surface and patches of wind-drifted snow are mix-present in south facing slopes. 15-20cm of fresh snow brought by past southwesterly high winds can be found in the eastern area , but the snow underneath that layer is relatively hard-packed. Good snow condition can still be found in low elevation treeruns, however sun-affected tracked-out slopes have refroze and is in a tricky condition. Carefully remain in controllable speed and beware of hitting trees. Whether there are numerous tracks and a lot of people out there, everybody must be conscious that areas outside the gates is outside the resort management; it is purely an uncontrolled / unsupervised winter mountain area. Please don't take things too easily and seriously reconsider the risks involved skiing in those areas. Better not underestimate the dangers of Winter Mountains; consequences can be way bigger than you think.    Read more ...

Myoko Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 10:50am
Weather conditions: Snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
There are days when the snow is falling so beautifully, and such a nice base has been created overnight, that you wonder how it was possible that your wife drove off with both sets of car keys while you were busily driving the mini-tractor/snowthrower around the house.... Ahh the cruelty of fate (or Mr. Murphy's law, or that bad karma I got...well, never mind).

Anyway, that rant aside, the snow looks just super today and I wish I was out there. It's still snowing right now, with the sky lightening up a little so that visibility in the powder should also be good (deep sigh). There was some wind overnight, but things have calmed down now.

So, if you have your car keys and can escape, I suggest to get out today before the crowds of the three-day weekend (bigger sigh).

Current Official Snow Depths:

Akakura Onsen:

Akakan (Akakura Kanko):


Myoko Suginohara:

Seki Onsen:

Myoko Ski Park:



210cm   Read more ...

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 11:05am
Weather conditions: Snowing Lightly
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
It feels like it has been a little while now since I have said it, but overnight we have come close again to the Magic Foot.

The official is saying we have had 25cm and my car is showing at least that.

It is still snowing lightly outside at the moment and forecast to continue lightly throughout the day. The hungry powder hounds were all up early and hitting the slopes.

Should be an awesome day with not much of a crowd as yet before the National Holiday tomorrow.

Yesterday was not a bad day up top with varying visibility but the snow was nice under foot.

The outlook is for some sunshine tomorrow and then the dump on Saturday so looking like a great long weekend to be in Nozawa.
Will be quite a few events on up here including the Jazz Festival at Arena on the evening of the 12th and the Long Rail Challenge on Sunday the 13th from 9am. With the winner taking home a 30kg bag of rice. That's Food for thought!

Courses open:

All except the following
Uenotaira Half Pipe
Karasawa Wave Park

Lifts operating:
All lifts are open   Read more ...

Furano Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 12:29pm
Weather conditions: High broken cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Temperatures this morning started off with a winter chill but have risen along with the presence of the sun. The morning started off cloudy with low light but this had changed by 9am as the cloud rolled away and the sun appeared. There has been no fresh snpw overnight but the slopes are in very good condition today after consolidating the recent fresh snowfalls. Numbers today are dominated by snowboarders, in fact I don't think I spotted another non-Japanese skier while on the mountain this morning. Tomorrow sunshine is forecast, and snow on Saturday and Sunday.   Read more ...

Naeba Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 15:48pm
Weather conditions: Light snow, cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
It has been a day of cloud and light snow today after Kagura reporting around 30cm of fresh snow up top there. Less down here of course but still a good new layer this morning. So we're onto some real good conditions once again.

Actually this morning operations at Kagura were limited both from the Mitsumata and Tashiro ropeway stations due to some stronger winds up higher up but from around lunchtime things have been open as normal

OK so tomorrow is the first day of a three day weekend so things will likely be busy and perhaps one of the busiest (weekends) of the season. So come prepared for that! Looks like the weather should be fairly fine tomorrow with a chance of the sun out but snow on Saturday and perhaps heavy snow conditions. So be ready for that too!

Anyway, if you are heading out for a 3 day weekend tonight or early tomorrow morning, have fun out there. Should be good.

Official Snow Depths:


   Read more ...

Zao Now!

Thursday 10th February 2011, 16:00pm
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
And the colder temperatures are back with us today as I mentioned in the report yesterday. It was back down to the nearly minus double figures early in the morning and hasn't warmed up much since then, with a wind making things feel cold. Apparently it was -13 degrees up at the top of the resort last night. Brrrr, I can feel it! Worth it to see the Snow Monsters lit up though. Just go prepared for very cold if you are going up there.

A few cm of snow to report this morning and today it has generally been light snow, clouds and windy.

Tomorrow is the beginning of one of the busiest weekends in the snow season with a national holiday kicking things off. Expect the resort and lifts (especially the ropeways) to be very busy. Tomorrow might be fairly clear with a chance of sprinklings of snow, but proper snowfall is due on Saturday and perhaps into Sunday with clearer weather conditions likely early into next week.

Have fun!   Read more ...

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