Snow and weather reports posted on Thursday 5th December 2019

Furano Now!

Monday 12th February 2007, 7:56am
Weather conditions: Sunny becoming overcast.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
We have had 15+cm of perfect powder snow fall in town in the last 24 hours so conditions should be perfect on the mountain today. The temperature is currently -8 at mountain base but the sun is out so it will warm up fairly fast. The sky is mostly clear with a few clouds rolling in. The forecast is predicting it to cloud over later on and then the snow should return this afternoon. Tomorrow looks like being overcast with snow returning on tuesday.
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Niseko Now!

Monday 12th February 2007, 8:29am
Weather conditions: Snowing.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Until about mid-day yesterday the visibility was good and the winds were light over the mountain. It was snowing lightly for much of the afternoon and really set in for a time around 6'ish last night. This morning there is 10-15cms in the village and more on the hill.

It is still snowing and should keep up all day. With the snow the visibility will be poor up high and the wind moderate. The wind and snow fall are expected to ease later in the afternoon or early evening. Tomorrow should see light snow showers in the morning and be generally clear later in the day.

All gates are expected to open today and all upper lifts should be operating. Yesterday the half-pipe in the Hanazono park opened.    Read more ...

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Monday 12th February 2007, 8:57am
Weather conditions: Snow.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Once again exactly what we needed here in Nozawa; 25cm of fresh snow and the piste will be gold today. Visibility is once again varying between fair and poor but people are heading to the slopes regardless. The Temperatures at present are -5C at the top and -1C in the village. Yesterday, even with the large amount of people on the mountain, was and exceptional day and today is set to top that as people begin to head home after the holiday later in the day. Winds may be as high as 20km/h this morning but will reduce as the day progresses.

The outlook is for light snow to fall for the remainder of today. Tonight should be clear and cold. Tomorrow will also be fine with the weather setting in again tomorrow night. Winds may get as high as 40km/h and snow on the mountain and rain in the village should fall.
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Naeba Now!

Monday 12th February 2007, 10:55am
Weather conditions: white sky with sunny spells
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Sunny spells this morning with cloud. 2 degrees in the village and another foot of snow on the ground - 40 to 50cm in places.

Yesterdays queues at Kagura were not too pleasing for a lot of people. Reports came back of a continual starting/stopping top quad - due to the high winds the auto shut-off caused the lift to stop every few meters - a painful tease for the 100's of punters waiting for the lift - worse for the poor guys and girls actually ON the lift.... a snaking queue of people hiking back up the hill to the rope-way from the bottom of the quad, then there was the whoops and cheers from the crowds every time the quad managed to budge a few meters up the hill. Apparently it was carnage, as the queue of hiking people encountered boarders and skiers riding down the hill causing a fusion of complete chaos.

Anyway, crowds, holiday weekend - the busiest weekend of the season here in Naeba, it actually seems to be busier here now than back in the New Year Shogatsu.

The halfpipe competition that was due to take place in Ishiuchi is now taking place at Asagai - starting from tomorrow. So you can expect to see some big air and amazing pipe trickery in these parts.   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Monday 12th February 2007, 11:24am
Weather conditions: Cloudy
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Hakuba currently sits under cloudy skies with a clearing trend coming in this afternoon. A dusting of new snow overnight at the valley bottom and a few centimeters up top will add to the nice snowfall we got yesterday. Conditions are hardpacked, groomed and packed/chopped powder on-piste. Sharpen those edges as the rain crust of three days ago is hard and icy underfoot. More snow expected in the next few days so after the long weekend masses head home it should be pretty good!    Read more ...

Minakami Now!

Monday 12th February 2007, 11:28am
Weather conditions: Overcast but clearing
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Light snow fell for most of last night and had accumulated another 5cm at the vllage level early this morning. In the lower part of Minakami the sun is out, the temperature is climbing and the fresh snow is melting but it is still snowing lightly in parts of upper Minakami. The weather should become clear as the day progresses and tomorrow is forecast to be a clear sky day.

There is more snow forecast for Wednesday and Thursday of this week and also for the upcomming weekend. Hopefully temperatures will remain low enough to preserve the snow at the lower ski areas (Oana, Norn) as their bases have become very thin.

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Yuzawa Now!

Monday 12th February 2007, 12:14pm
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
We had snow on and off yesterday and this morning it is more of the same. Areas higher up have been treated to some fairly decent snowfalls over the last few days and so snow conditions up there are good.

At town level we have had sprinklings of snow but not as much as we might have liked.... but we'll take it! The new snowfall has patched up the slopes that were in most need and made things better for the long weekend.

Things seem to be clearing up for the afternoon with the temperature currently at +2 degrees, and by tonight clouds may have moved on with tomorrow looking likely to be a fine day.

Yesterday some stronger winds in the afternoon caused some changes to lifts operations, including the top quad at Naeba (check the Naeba Now report page for more) and GALA Yuzawa, which closed early for the day.    Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Monday 12th February 2007, 15:15pm
Weather conditions: Cloud, some blue sky
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
There was another 5cm or so of snow overnight and light snow falling this morning but since the afternoon clouds have cleared up and at the moment the sun is making an appearance and more blue skies as we head into the evening.

After a fairly busy long weekend, the slopes have cleared up quite a lot this afternoon and things are quietening down. Nighta tonight will just be at the usual Ichinose Family & Diamond.

Tomorrow is set to be another of those fine, sunny, mild days in the region according to the forecast with the next snow due around Thursday.   Read more ...

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