Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 1st April 2018

Hakuba Now!

Tuesday 14th November 2017, 10:32am
Weather conditions: Cloudy and a bit wet
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: --
A quick update this morning, along with some of the message that I posted at the end of last week below (for those who didn't catch it).

It's a moody and cloudy morning here in Hakuba, and raining too as you can probably see on the images below.

A look at the forecast shows some promise with cold temperatures and snowfall due to be with us at the weekend (perhaps some before then up high). We can perhaps even expect some snow down below around Sunday. Would be great to see that and I'll keep you update.


Official planned ski resort opening dates:

Thursday 23rd November 2017
Hakuba Happo-one
Tsugaike Kogen

Late November 2017
Hakuba 47
Hakuba Goryu

Friday 15th December 2017
Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field

Saturday 16th December 2017
Hakuba Cortina
Hakuba Valley Kashimayari

Mid December 2017
Hakuba Norikura Onsen
Hakuba Sanosaka

In ski resort news, the main thing I can report is that this season Hakuba Sanosaka will not be part of the joint ‘Hakuba Valley’ ticket deal. There were various rumours going around about Sanosaka over summer... it will be opening but it looks like operations will be somewhat scaled down with just three lifts (Number 2 quad lift, Number 3 quad lift, Number 6 pair lift) scheduled to be operating. The ‘Hakuba Valley’ lift ticket prices for the 2017-2018 season have been updated on each of the 9 ski resort pages on SnowJapan.

Everyone is in pre-season ‘panic’ mode. Don’t worry, nothing to be concerned about - this is the norm! No matter how much time we sometimes seem to have, there always seems to be mad rushing about going on in the run up to the season starting. All part of the pattern, part of the fun.

Some of the official information sources are still not updated for the 2017-2018 season which, if I wasn’t used to being here, would seem odd. The ski resort pages on SnowJapan have generally been updated but will be updated further over the coming few weeks.

Hakuba Now will be updated daily once the ski lifts start operating, and I’ll be making some posts before then with news of snow. If you want more pre-season reading and info on how previous early seasons went, you can check the archive Hakuba Now reports using the links lower down this page.

That’s it for me for today. Next update next coming next week...   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Tuesday 14th November 2017, 10:36am
Weather conditions: Cloudy and overcast
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: --
Morning from Yuzawa.

This morning it is not as cold as it was yesterday morning, though in contrast to yesterday it is overcast and cloudy and looks like it might well be starting to rain soon... rain is forecast during the day, with a high temperature of around 12 degrees later on in town.

Looks like things will be getting colder over the weekend and there's a chance of some snowfall too, perhaps even down to town or close.

Next update when we are closer to that!

Webcam images are from the Kagura main run, Tashiro and NASPA Ski Garden down at town level.

Planned ski resort opening dates

Thursday 23rd November 2017
Kagura (via Mitsumta)

Saturday 9th December 2017
Kagura (via Tashiro)
Joetsu Kokusai

Friday 15th December 2017
Maiko Snow Resort
Muica Snow Resort
Yuzawa Park

Saturday 16th December 2017
GALA Yuzawa
Kandatsu Kogen
Yuzawa Kogen
Yuzawa Nakazato

Thursday 21st December 2017
Ishiuchi Maruyama

Friday 22nd December 2017
NASPA Ski Garden

Saturday 23rd December 2017
Muikamachi Hakkaisan

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Grandeco Now!

Tuesday 14th November 2017, 10:43am
Weather conditions: Cloudy
New snowfall: 2cm
Snow depth: --
Hello and good morning from Grandeco.

Here was are, with winter once again just around the corner.

Recently it has been getting really cold and there has been some snowfall in the region - a nice fall the other week actually.

After another beautiful autumn season, the trees in Urabandai have already lost their leaves.

There was some snowfall the day before yesterday and the snow-making team have now started their work for the winter season.

Grandeco resort has announced that they plan to officially open the Center Course (2km length) and the Number 1 lift from 1st December, all being well. And if there is a decent snowfall before that, they might open before that planning date. It will all depend on the snowfall. Keep an eye on the forecast:

Grandeco 6 day forecast

The Minowa and Nekoma ski resorts in the region are also now waiting for the big snowfall to get started.

Which one will be the first?

We'll be back with more news soon and then the plan is once again for daily reports during the season.

Here's too a great one!   Read more ...

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