Snow and weather reports posted on Monday 6th May 2019

Furano Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 0:14am
Weather conditions: Sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 190cm
We have wintery temperatures again. It is a nice sunny day with some broken cloud moving around as well. The lower mountain is frosty underfoot but great conditions on the upper mountain. Very few people out there and still some great powder in certain places.
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Madarao Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 7:57am
Weather conditions: Clear and sunny, bluebird
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 210cm
Evenings (mostly) continue to get down cold and it was cold overnight again, and now about -5 degrees. Though it will warm up during the daytime.

Blue skies above as we welcome a bluebird day in the region. Not much else to report really other than nice and calm after lots of wind over the last week or so.

Should be a fine day.

Lifts planned to be operating:
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Super quad
Number 5
Number 11
Number 12
Number 15
Kids Park
FreeRide Park
Powder Wave I
Powder Wave II
Powder Theater
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Myoko Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 8:23am
Weather conditions: Clear
New snowfall: 5cm
Snow depth: 280cm
Not all the official reports are in, but I'm off to hike in the woods--and it's a perfect day for it!

A big blue sky, a nice dusting of fresh snow (enough to cover up the kosa - the Gobi desert sands that blow in during the spring). The day is starting a bit cold, but it's going to be warm and springlike again (continuing our weather roller coaster ride).

Looks like a few days at least of sun and blue skies, before there's a possibility of rain. Hopefully which will disappear as we get into the weekend (enough gray ice under the snow! Time for spring skiing!)


Operations and official snow depths

Akakura Kanko (Akakan)
280cm, 2C

Akakura Onsen
295cm, -5C

240cm, -2C

200cm, -2C

Seki Onsen
520cm, -5C (yesterday's report)

320cm, -5C

Myoko Ski Park
310cm, -2C

200cm, -2C

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Naeba Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 8:45am
Weather conditions: Sunny and clear
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 300cm
It's all calm this morning. Well, apart from a slight breeze from the south, but it means that all of the areas are open this morning after the disruption yesterday.

Fairly cold overnight and about -3 degrees now at base, but no snow and we start the day with blue skies all round. Beautiful morning.

Generally I think it's going to be lots of sun over the weekend looking at the local forecasts. Sun and warm, followed by rain on Monday. Would be good if we could avoid that.


Official resort snow depth:
Naeba - 300cm
Kagura - 390cm   Read more ...

Zao Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 8:51am
Weather conditions: Sunny, blue skies
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 270cm

It's a gorgeous sunny and blue sky morning in Zao. It has been cold overnight and early on, with the top of the resort reporting in a temp of -11 and about -4 here at base, though I suspect it will warm up somewhat bit during the daytime as the sun gets to work.

The Utopia Number 1 pair lift is closed, though I am not quite sure why. Will keep an eye on that, but it doesn't affect available terrain.

More sun over the weekend with Sunday being the warmer - tomorrow some forecasts say there might even be a chance of some snowfall, but even so I would not expect much from that.

A word about nighta. This season nighta on the Uwanodai area will run through until Sunday 24th March, and the other area is today, tomorrow and Sunday. So from Monday nighta will be over on Uwanodai only.

Official snow depths

Chuo Area



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Niseko Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 9:17am
Weather conditions: Cloud, clear patches
New snowfall: 10cm
Snow depth: 520cm
10cm or so of new snow to report from Hirafu this morning and with Niseko Grand Hirafu's resort snow depth increasing a fair bit to an impressive 520cm, we can of course expect more snow on the mountain. 520cm in the middle of March. It's pretty good isn't it.

A quick glance over at the JMA snowfall numbers for Kutchan shows that last March for the whole month there was 79cm. So far we are on 73cm half way through the month. (We shouldn't get too excited over the numbers though as the previous two seasons say over 2m in March).

Anyway, just a cloudy morning at the moment - quite bright and actually some blue sky opening up as well.

I almost don't want to mention it, but wind is preventing the top lifts at all 4 resort areas on the mountain from operating once again. But nice new snow and so some decent conditions to be found out there I would say today. I'm off to Sapporo today and so I won't be able to test it out myself.

The forecast for the weekend. Cloud with the chance of snow showers, keeping fairly cold tomorrow, but a chance of rain later Sunday going into Monday.

As we come out of of the peak season, things have been beginning to quieten down somewhat and we can expect that to continue over the next few weeks and then accelerate as we get into April when things start to get quiet.


Official Resort Snow Depths

Grand Hirafu & Niseko Hanazono
Top - 520cm
Bottom - 260cm

Niseko Annupuri
Top - 400cm
Bottom - 250cm

Niseko Village
Top - 470cm
Bottom - 240cm

Avalanche Information:

Niseko base 6am: -5C, 5cm new snow. Moiwa 800m: -7C, wind W10m/s, small amount snow drift development. Annupuri peak: -11.9C, snow depth at 1000m: 400cm. Coastal data: wind SW5m/s, 1.4m waves, pressure 1015hPa.

Wind has dropped and snow pack is stabilising. Avalanche risk is lowering. Peak gates 2 & 3 are expected to open at 10am, dependent on lift operations. Gate 6, Moiwa peak, will be closed in the morning due to snow clearing operations.

From observation around 800m, snow drift above the 11th Mar layer will easily fracture, dependent on location. Yesterday close to a Hirafu ski run at around 900m, a surface avalanche occurred, depth about 40cm. Also note that in Haru No Taki off limits area full depth avalanches have started to occur. Take care on steep slopes close to ski runs as well. Never enter Haru No Taki, even a rabbit wouldn't want to be in that valley!

Niseko Rules only exist to protect the freedom and minimum safety of out of bounds riding. All riders need to respect and understand the rules. Although carrying a beacon is not compulsory, it is recommended you carry safety equipment. The weather can change quickly, be prepared to change your plans.    Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 9:29am
Weather conditions: Bluebird
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 265cm
It is a beautiful morning in Hakuba. Clear blue skies all round. Lovely.

It was cold overnight getting down to -9 degrees but already that has risen to around 0 degrees and we'll sure to whizz past that and warm up to close on +10 during the day today. Another warm spring day is ahead of us. But a feel good one all the same with the stunning surroundings on show. Good exercise for the legs with the icy early conditions, but as it warms up we can expect the snow to soften up.

Perhaps not as cold tonight but more of the same forecast for tomorrow. Winds won't be a problem anyway so should be a good day.


Official snow depths and operations @ Friday 15th March 2013 AM:

Hakuba Goryu:
0cm of new snowfall reported on upper slopes of Hakuba Goryu
Official snow depths:
Alps daira - 265cm;
Toomi - 115cm;
Iimori - 100cm

Hakuba 47:
0cm of new snowfall reported by Hakuba 47 since yesterday.
Official snow depth:
Upper - 200cm
Lower - 100cm

Official snow depth:
Usagidaira - 245cm
Nakiyama/Shirakaba - 70cm
Sakka - 70cm

Tsugaike Kogen:
Official snow depth:
Upper slopes - 300cm
Lower slopes - 120cm

Hakuba Cortina:
0cm of new snow reported by Hakuba Cortina since yesterday.
Official snow depth:
Upper slopes - 315cm
Lower slopes - 195cm

Hakuba Iwatake:
Official snow depth:
Upper slopes - 175cm
Lower slopes - 65cm

Hakuba Sanosaka:
Official snow depth:
110cm   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 9:40am
Weather conditions: Bluebird
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 150cm
Not much to report this morning other than.... bluebird!

A fine and sunny morning. Quite cold, though quickly warming up and the last of the snow from yesterday will soon be gone from the roads as they start to dry up again (and then get wet with snowmelt!)

Similar weather condition are probably over the weekend, with perhaps the chance of some slight snowfall tomorrow night.

Extremely quiet out there this morning.

Nighta operations planned for tonight at the following resort areas:
Ichinose Family

Official resort snow depths as of Friday 15th March 2013 AM:

Sun Valley:
Ichinose Family:
Ichinose Diamond:
Okushiga Kogen:
250cm   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 10:18am
Weather conditions: Bluebird - clear skies
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 205cm
Very light snow on and off in the morning yesterday though easing off later on.

It got really cold last night actually but has been warming up this morning and we are expecting temps to rise to ab out 7 or 8 degrees today.

Clear skies this morning - bluebird! Talking about birds, lots of chirping going on noticeable recently - another sign of spring with us.

Tomorrow similar conditions, though later in the day it's supposed to break down a bit and we might get some rain/sleet.

Good bit of news. Maiko Snow Resort just outside of Yuzawa in Minamiuonuma has announced that they intend to remain open longer than originally planned. The original planned closing date was 31st March, but they're going to open the Gondola side of the resort on the following two weekends as well - so that's April 6th/7th and April 13th/14th. Weekdays from April 1st will remain closed, so just for the weekends.

Official resort snow depths @ Friday 15th March 2013, AM:

Kandatsu Kogen:
NASPA Ski Garden:
Gala Yuzawa:
Yuzawa Kogen:
Yuzawa Nakazato:
Yuzawa Park:
Maiko Snow Resort:
Ishiuchi Maruyama:
Joetsu Kokusai:
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Minakami Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 10:49am
Weather conditions: Blue skies
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 350cm
A stunning spring day in Minakami today. Blue skies across the board and it feels pretty warm down in the valley. It was a cold, clear night last night with ice around this morning but with the sun shining down it is softening up nicely and the snow will be very springlike as the day progresses. Great spring skiing conditions though so get out there and work on the goggle tan.

It is looking like sunshine through the weekend with temperatures getting warm early next week. Possibility of some rain on Monday and Tuesday if it stays warm.
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Nozawa Onsen Now!

Friday 15th March 2013, 11:56am
Weather conditions: Clear
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 325cm
It's another visually spectacular morning in Nozawa Onsen. No new snow to report of but there is a clear blue sky with not a cloud to be seen combined with very light winds.

Visibility is excellent with many distant alpine peaks clear. Crowd levels are minuscule and we have spring snow conditions; firm and fast in the morning grading to slushy by late morning. Snow near Yamabiko will remain dry and fast all day with a freezing level of around 1200 meters in the shade.

Yesterday we had some light snow showers continuing though the day. With the extremely low crowds there was no rush at all to score fresh tracks even in the well known areas, such as the Yamabiko trees. Depth was manageable for inexperienced powder hounds yet there were quite a few deeper stashes amongst the trees. Stability was very low in steeper areas so avalanche caution was required.

Looking at the forecast ahead, tomorrow morning should be clear before light snow showers move through during afternoon and night. Sunday should see the beginning of warming trend with the distinct possibility of moderate rainfalls on Monday, as much as I hate to say it. The next possibility for snow below the peak is on Thursday of next week.


Lifts operating:
All except:
Yunomine pair
Mizunashi triple
Challenge pair
Utopia pair
Hikage Number 2 pair B line

Courses open:
All courses open except
Grand Prix
Challenge 39

Official snow depths




100cm   Read more ...

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