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Monday 22nd September 2008, 18:16pm
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With the autumnal equinox upon us, marking the official end of summer I thought it would be a good time to update what's been happening over the green season and take a look forward to what we can expect this coming winter.

Overall it was a mild summer without any extended periods of heat and humidity like we've experienced during the last couple of summers. No typhoons managed to reach Hokkaido this season and rainfall has been mostly below average but still enough to keep everything a vibrant green. The second half of August saw some cool weather with temperatures getting down to just below 10 degrees in Niseko and down to freezing in a couple of places further north. This had many believing that summer was coming to an abrupt end, a little like last winters untimely demise. The last few weeks though have seen above average daytime temps most days.

We saw the village fill up during the G8 summit in July with international media. Many arrived early and were able to also enjoy the Kutchan Jazz Festival. This years Potato Festival was a bit of a fizzer with heavy rain marring many events. This last week we've seen the inaugural running of Niseko Cycle Week with many MTB and road races held. Over the weekend we also had Dennis Lillee and Rod Marsh participate in the Niseko International Cricket Competition. And Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman spent a little time in Niseko this summer (possibly looking to buy his own little piece of paradise?)

There's been no slow down in new developments in the village with 100's more apartments and houses springing up all over. Higashiyama is now called Niseko Village and saw a major upgrade to the hotel. And construction has even started over at Hanazono! The only work done on the mountain I know of is some opening up of the slope above King Bell where there was a bit of a bottleneck.

Now to the important thing...what's the outlook for snow looking like? Well to be honest it's still a little early to have any idea whatsoever. Still we've had 2 significantly below average seasons in a row and looking back over the last 60 or so years the likelihood of another one is very, very low. The Japan Meteorological Agency is currently forecasting above average temps for October and November but have yet to release an outlook for the winter season. This coming week though should see the first incursion of really cool air and we should see the first dustings of snow on Mt Youtei Tuesday night into Wednesday with another little burst coming through on Friday. I'll keep you updated with what happens.

Anyway welcome back to Niseko Now and lets all start praying, making sacrifices, etc to whatever gods we choose to believe in for a bumper season this year!   Read more ...

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