Snow and weather reports posted on Monday 6th May 2019

Myoko Now!

Monday 23rd March 2009, 9:04am
Weather conditions: Sun flurries
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
They say that winter's cold finally begins to fade after the vernal Ohigan, which coincides with the spring equinox. In the valley below the first yamazakura cherries are starting to bloom, as are yellow daffodils along roadsides, giving visitors arriving by bus or car something a bit more attractive than muddy fields to look at.

The low pressure systems that brought yesterday's rain and high winds have swung out over the Pacific and it's a bit cooler this partly overcast morning, with temperatures a bit above freezing around the area and some flurries. The snow pack has been fairly evaporating thanks to the high temperatures and rain so the snow showers forecast for most of the coming week will be welcome even if there won't be much accumulation from here on. Depending which forecast you choose to believe, the forecast for the rest of today is either cloudy or snow showers. Take your pick.

It's still a bit windy this morning and visibility is good.

Snowboarders came out to enjoy a few last rides for this season despite the wind and rain last night. More and more lifts and courses will be closed from here on - check with the individual areas for details (and for info about discounts).

Official resort snow depths:

145cm (at top)
Akakura Onsen:
Seki Onsen:
210cm   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Monday 23rd March 2009, 9:53am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The rain started last night and there was some fairly heavy rain overnight (well, that's what I heard when I got up at 3am!) As I write this it is just cloudy and around 5 degrees in town and while the winds have calmed down a bit (at least in town) we have strong winds once again forecast for later in the day. Naeba and Kagura are running on limited operations due to the winds, though the winds don't seem to be affecting other resorts right now.

Tomorrow should be fine and sunny, but after that we actually have snow lined up. A new layer of fresh snow would be a big bonus for the end of March.

Nighta tonight is open at the following resorts in Yuzawa:

Official resort snow depths @ 23rd Mar 09, AM:
Mt Naeba:
Kagura Tashiro:
Kagura Mitsumata:
GALA Yuzawa:
Pine Ridge Resorts Kandatsu:
NASPA Ski Garden:
Yuzawa Kogen:
Yuzawa Park:
Yuzawa Nakazato:
Kayama Captain Coast:
85cm   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Monday 23rd March 2009, 10:12am
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Yesterday ended up just cloudy though there was more rain/sleet once again overnight along with strong winds....

This morning it is generally just cloudy in Shiga Kogen, though it is much colder than it was yesterday with Yokoteyama reporting a temperature of -8 degrees and currently -4 in Maruike. Light snow is also being reported in some parts of the region as well, though don't expect lots of new snow in terms of cm on the slopes.

Strong winds are affecting resort operations this morning especially it seems at Okushiga and Yakebitaiyama. Those winds will more than likely be with us for most of the day.

The following resorts plans to be open for nighta tonight:
Ichinose Family

Official resort snow depths as of 23rd March 09:

Sun Valley:
Ichinose Family:
Okushiga Kogen:
180cm   Read more ...

Furano Now!

Monday 23rd March 2009, 10:15am
Weather conditions: Overcast.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
We have had several hours of rain overnight, but still no melt through on the slopes. Wind is a bit erratic today and could make for some challenging conditions. Most runs except the very top are quite slow and soft due to above freezing temps since early this morning.

The forecast is for temperatures to drop below freezing by 6:00 pm, and remain subzero for the next 36 hours. We should see a little snow during that time, but probably no significant accumulation. The next week will have a lot of seesawing back and forth through the freezing point, so expect highly variable conditions.

Think snow, think powder, think a little more winter!   Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Monday 23rd March 2009, 11:43am
Weather conditions: Cloudy and snowy
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Light rain moved over the region yesterday afternoon and continued into the night getting fairly heavy at times. Early this morning though the rain turned to snow and currently it's snowing moderately and a few cm's have started to accumulate. The snow should continue on and off right through to the weekend.

It's still only dust on crust out there but hopefully as the week progresses we'll be able to get a few nice turns and with few people still at the resort fresh tracks will be easy to find. It's good to see all the dirty, slushy snow getting coated in white making it look a lot more like winter again to see out the month.

Current Official Snow Depths:

Grand Hirafu:
Top - 325cm
Bottom - 125cm

Niseko Village:
Top - 350cm
Bottom - 120cm

Top - 380cm
Bottom - 175cm
   Read more ...

Naeba Now!

Monday 23rd March 2009, 12:27pm
Weather conditions: Gray sky
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
It's been really windy since yesterday. The final of the big air competition was canclled and so the wind continued to howl throughout the night and its still blowing hard this morning. There was also rain last night which was supposed to turn to snow however no snow has been seen down here and things are quite icy - there's the post rain sheen on the snow pack this morning so care is needed wherever you venture. All gondolas are closed.   Read more ...

Minakami Now!

Monday 23rd March 2009, 14:47pm
Weather conditions: Overcast
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Light snow showers today and high winds sees the start of the new weather system that is heading this way. Temperatures have been colder than they have been for a while and are looking to drop further this week.

   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Monday 23rd March 2009, 15:34pm
Weather conditions: High flat cloud, Bright.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
After a day of non-stop rain yesterday everyone was relieved to wake up to sunshine this morning. The rain helped to clear what little snow there was left on the lower slopes, and effected to higher slopes by creating uneven terrain, ice and thinning the base somewhat. Looking on the bright side, the temperature has dropped slightly and looks to continue to drop throughout the coming week, so don't get out your spring wear just yet.

High winds today has kept a lot of people off the mountains, all gondolas were closed this morning and only lower lifts are open. The problem with only the lower lifts being open is that it means avoiding the dirt patches and the occasional protruding rock, but a great opportunity to work on directional skills. On the higher slopes the runs will be icy and hard, softening up through out the day.

The forecast looks good for the rest of the week, there are very low temperatures predicted and also moderate snow from Wednesday into the weekend. Winds will be picking up again also, strongest on Tuesday morning.

Official resort snow depths on 23rd Mar 09:
Happo-one: (22nd)
15cm (Shirakaba)
15cm (Sakka/Kitaone)
170cm (Kurobishi/Usagidaira)
Hakuba Goryu:
45cm (Iimori)
60cm (Toomi)
190cm (Alps daira)
Hakuba 47: (20th)
Tsugaike Kogen:
90cm (Kanenonaruoka)
100cm (Maruyama)
240cm (Tsuganomori)
Hakuba Iwatake:
20cm (Shomen)
120cm (Sancho)
Sun Alpina Sanosaka:
50cm   Read more ...

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