Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 30th May 2021

Yuzawa Now!

Sunday 23rd October 2005, 10:16am
Weather conditions: Cloud, overcast > clearing up later. The first snow of the season visible on mountain peaks!
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Well it hasn't been particularly good weather - heavy rain yesterday and another overcast morning but it looks like it might be clearing up.

The good news of the day is that the first snow is visible! Yes, there's a sprinkling of snow on the higher peaks this morning - not much, but it's there..... always good to see.

Today is also exactly one year on from the Niigata earthquake, and so there are lots of things happening in the prefecture today to remember all of that. That year sure has gone quickly....   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Sunday 23rd October 2005, 11:07am
Weather conditions: Blue skies
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --

The first snow on the mountains fell yesterday afternoon through the night. The clowds opened up this morning to give us a beautiful view of those virgin white peaks in a sea of azure. The snow line at first light was down to 1800 metres and slowly has crept up to around 2200 on solar aspects. The leaves in the valley are a beautiful shade of Koyou (Autumn colours). It is just an unbelievably beautiful day. On the way to the office I must have past at least 30 or so standing at the side of the road snapping shots of the spectacular sight. I must confess I was one of those drawn to get the camera out and snap away. The moon was just in behind Mt Hakuba Yarigadake and Mt Hakuba Shakushidake. The air is crisp and and the temperatures mild. There is no breeze to speak of and is a great day for a ride which what we are all heading out to do in Hakuba NOW!

Stay tuned for more snow.

Rule of thumb: It snows in the valley 2 weeks after the first snow on the mountian tops and it starts to stick 2 weeks after that. That would put us at November 23rd for the ski hills to start collecting snow.

Ski hills opening early December? Hard to tell yet but it is looking like a definate possibility.

Yippee!!!   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Sunday 23rd October 2005, 12:09pm
Weather conditions: Cloud, sun - and the first snow of the season!
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Happy to report the first snow of the season this morning. It's been on the cards for a while now with temperatures dropping at night and some cold mornings but this morning we woke to a fair amount of the white stuff on the hills in the Shiga Kogen region from about 1200 meters upwards - and quite a few of the courses have become quite visible.... a great contrast to the autumn colours.

Bring it on!   Read more ...

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