Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 30th May 2021

Myoko Now!

Sunday 24th February 2008, 8:53am
Weather conditions: Blizzard
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The blizzard has come and not quite gone. The gusts have grown less frequent and snowfall rates are sagging a little (from 1 to 2pm yesterday, 12cm piled!), so today should be afford good skiing and boarding at all area resorts.

The pick of the day is Madarao. That's a first, I think, but snow levels were massive there, the blizzard has died completely now, and Crowds will be less than Suginohara.

Your Myoko area levels for today:
390cm (Akakura Kanko Resort);
365cm (Akakura Onsen);
285cm (Ikenotaira);
430cm on top, 260cm on the bottom (Suginohara);
380cm (Kyukamura);
250cm (Pine Valley);
570cm (Seki Onsen)!!!;
240cm (Madarao Tangram Ski Circus);
230cm (Madarao Sympathique);
255cm (Madarao Kogen);
380cm (Myoko Ski Park);
190cm (Togakushi);
240cm! (Kurohime);
180cm (Iizuna);
185cm (Iizuna Kogen)

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Niseko Now!

Sunday 24th February 2008, 9:01am
Weather conditions: Stormy
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Yesterday was fun skiing on most parts of the mountain with 10 to 15cm of fresh, marginal visability and not too much wind. The top gates were shut due to low visability and wind slaps that risk sliding. Around lunch time, the winds started to pick up slowing down or closing some of the lifts. The winds kept getting stronger and by the evening, the town of Hirafu was in a snow storm with wind drifts starting to cover cars.

The storm has only gained strength through the night. The town woke up this morning to Siberian conditions, the wind howling, trees shaking, piles of snow drifts everywhere and all lifts shut except the beginner family lift which has just opened.

The Avalanche report states, "Extreme avalanche hazard in all area today.
The northerly wind that picked up yesterday morning has kept blowing overnight at 20+m/s with a lot snow fall. The slopes were already very unstable yesterday afternoon and are even worse today as a heavy wind-blown snowdrift has kept developing on top of already unstable layer."

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Yuzawa Now!

Sunday 24th February 2008, 10:00am
Weather conditions: Snow, strong winds
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
About 30cm on the top of the car this morning and more in places, the snow is still falling with those strong winds that were forecast. The strong winds mean that all of the Kagura resort is closed today, as is the GALA Yuzawa resort and Yuzawa Kogen. All of the gondolas at Naeba are also closed and they are apparently considering opening lifts (not open yet). Lift operations at other resorts may also be affected today due to the conditions, though it seems all other resorts are open.

It is about -3 degrees at the moment

As was noted yesterday if you do make it out there, you should find lots of powder to play in. Otherwise, perhaps a day to enjoy an onsen?!

The snow looks likely to continue through the day and into tomorrow, perhaps clearing up sometimes tomorrow morning.   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Sunday 24th February 2008, 10:08am
Weather conditions: Snow, wind
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The good weather didn't last too long yesterday as the clouds rolled in and the winds picked up. In contrast to those calm blue skies, it is now strong winds and heavy snow that we have here in Shiga Kogen.

The strong winds are affecting resort operations with only a few lifts moving this morning in the Sun Valley / Maruike area and as far as I can tell a lift at Kumanoyu. Other resorts are waiting for the winds to die down before considering opening up for the day. With all the people in the region they will certainly want to, but right now the conditions aren't looking too promising.

The temperatures are right back down as well this morning, back to the minus double figures once more.

No nighta operations are planned for today.   Read more ...

Minakami Now!

Sunday 24th February 2008, 10:18am
Weather conditions: Overcast and snowing
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
High winds in Minakami today with many of lifts at many of the ski areas stopped. Visibility is very poor at times with very gusty conditions.

There is 40cm of fresh snow at the valley level with it forecast to continue until late this evening bringing an estimated 60cm in total to the valley. In exposed areas much of the snow has been transported by the wind to sheltered areas creating deep pockets of powder and some wind scoured hard areas on and off piste.

The wind is forecast to subside by this evening which means Monday should be a great day up the mountain. There is rain forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday at the valley level but all higher resorts should receive snow.

Backcountry Advisory
High winds and up to 50cm of fresh snow above 1300m will be loading lee slopes with some decent size sluffs expected (top 30-40cm). Caution is advised.

Avalanche Hazard:
Alpine: Considerable
Tree Line: Moderate
Below Tree line: Moderate   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Sunday 24th February 2008, 10:21am
Weather conditions: Cloudy & Snowing
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
This morning we awoke to around 30cm of new snow in the Hakuba Valley. Higher elevations will have upwards of 40cm of fresh. High winds have transported snow over the past 24hrs and blizzard conditions prevailed steadily overnight. Currently still snowing lightly and wind is keeping the upper lifts closed for the time being. Get out there and enjoy the po pow!


Backcountry Travel Advisory as at Feb 24th:

Strong winds on Saturday have created thick wind slabs on South and South East aspects that may be unstable in steep convexing terrain. Combine this with the recent heavy snow and one could expect instability in steeper North and South aspects. Take due care around exposed rocks and sparse trees on solar aspects and in steep lee slopes. The recent snow is very variable in depth due to the wind and solar radiation so be aware of this when entering into slopes and stay away from shallow snow on steep entrances in to chutes and open slopes.

Avalanche Danger Scale:

Below Tree Line: Moderate

Tree Line: Considerable

Alpine: High
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Nozawa Onsen Now!

Sunday 24th February 2008, 11:15am
Weather conditions: Heavy snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Yesterday started out fine but soon turned nasty. Strong winds and heavy snow made for an unpleasant day on the mountain. A little touch of Siberia is still lingering, the wind is gusting and it is bitterly cold. The gondolas are running but the Yamabiko lifts up top are closed.

Monday could be the day, snow and wind is expected to last all day today and then clear with some sunshine tomorrow.    Read more ...

Furano Now!

Sunday 24th February 2008, 12:07pm
Weather conditions: clear day, strong winds, fresh snow.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Snowed through till about 9pm yesterday, very heavy at times, which has accumulated 20cm in the last 24 hours. The timing of the snowfall meant that the fresh snow on the runs was groomed out overnight. Look out for some nice wind-blown on Panorama, Kuma Otoshi and Challenge.

The temperature dropped significantly overnight, and is now sitting at -10. This is stark contrast to the recent warm day temperatures over the last week. A new system is expected to bring heavy snowfall Tuesday.

There was an interesting news article on Furano on Japanese HBC television a few days ago talking about the internationalisation of Furano Ski Resort. In particularly the push to the UK market.    Read more ...

Naeba Now!

Sunday 24th February 2008, 12:14pm
Weather conditions: Blizzard
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
I can't see out the window so I can't write the report today! Let's just say that it's a blizzard.

Yesterdays sunny start to the day ended in turmoil. The winds picked up at lunchtime and the town has been smashed by high winds ever since.

Last night the house shook like a discarded box in a windy alley and further cars were left strewn up and down the road with their bellies either beached on snow or their wheels dunked into snowy icey holes at the side of the road.

All lifts are closed today - absolutely. The real die hards are even walking up Asagai Gelande to get their altitude for descent.



Naeba is now operating the following lifts - No 4 high speed lift, No 5 high speed lift, No 5 romance lift.   Read more ...

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