Snow and weather reports posted on Friday 10th April 2020

Niseko Now!

Wednesday 27th December 2006, 8:33am
Weather conditions: Cloudy/Rain
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
We got precipitation, unfortunatey it's the wet stuff and looks likely to continue for most of the day.

Today's the day to rest the legs, stretch out in an onsen, even take a trip to Otaru and enjoy a nice hot bowl of Ramen.

Temperatures are looking to remain above freezing for most of the day, dropping below as the sun sets, firstly bringing sleet then tending to snow. Tomorrow should see some more showers, verging on snow.

With persisting high pressure systems sitting over Russia and the Asian continent, the long term forecast is suggesting more clear blue skies.   Read more ...

Furano Now!

Wednesday 27th December 2006, 8:37am
Weather conditions: Overcast, light rain.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Unfotunately the weather forecast for today was spot-on, warm tmperatures and precipitation, so now it is raining here in town. Hopefully it is still cold enough on the mountain for ir to be falling as snow. The Forecast is now showing a drop in temperature this afternoon, snow later on this evening, and snow every day for the rest of the week.

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Minakami Now!

Wednesday 27th December 2006, 8:41am
Weather conditions: Overcast and light rain
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
After a night of heavy rain, it has now eased this morning to a drizzle. However, the wind is extremely strong and warm with an air temperature of around 9 deg C.

This has been the result of yet another front passing over Japan from the South West bringing warmer weather. Typically during the Japanese Winter fronts tend to predominantly come fomr the West or North West bringing the cold dry air from the asian continent. We have only seen this type of front a couple of times this season so far.

Looking to tomorrow there is snow forecast from the eafternoon through to Friday afternoon, then clearing over the New Years weekend.    Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Wednesday 27th December 2006, 8:57am
Weather conditions: Rain
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The rain arrived yesterday afternoon and at times during the late night it was really belting it down - and there was some impressive sounding thunder and lightning as well. This morning it is still raining here unfortunately and very mild... temperatures around +8 at the moment, so is little chance that it is snowing even high up at Kagura right now.

There are also some strong winds blowing round this morning and it seems that only the Mitsumata courses at Kagura are going to be open this morning. Gala Yuzawa is also not open again today and lots of the snow that was on the bottom courses of Naeba has been washed away by the rain. It's all looking quite sorry right at the moment, unfortunately.

But, good news is surely on the way very soon!

The snow is forecast to arrive tomorrow evening and after that we have three more days with at least some snow forecast - so hopefully that lot will give us enough snow for the resorts to open up.   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Wednesday 27th December 2006, 9:18am
Weather conditions: Light snow, cloud, fog
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Some decent news this morning as snow is falling outside. It was raining last night but overnight that turned into (wet) snow and we have a sprinkling of new snow to report. Snow is falling now and the fog early on are making visibility poor in the region but there's no complaining by anyone as the snow is needed of course. There is also a fairly strong wind, especially in higher and exposed regions and this means that some of the lifts that are usually open now are not operating at least early on this morning (including Okushiga Kogen gondola and Yakebitaiyama).

There is more snow forecast for the next few days... bring it on!   Read more ...

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Wednesday 27th December 2006, 9:21am
Weather conditions: Overcast, rainy.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
A rainy and miserable day yesterday in Nozawa and today is shaping up to be much the same. It is Raining at the moment. Light snow is still predicted to start falling tonight but at present the temperatures are still quite warm. At the top at Yamabiko is currently +2C with a reduced base of 65cm due to the rain yesterday. Uenotaira is at 0C with a base of 40cm. The village is between +5 and +6C.

The forecast remains the same for Thursday: heavy snow, cold temperatures and high winds, and similar on Friday.
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Hakuba Now!

Wednesday 27th December 2006, 10:30am
Weather conditions: Sky:Overcast with a 1,200 m a.s.l. cloud ceiling
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
In the past 24 hours the Hira Kawa weather station (at 830 m a.s.l.) recorded 60 (sixty) millimetres of rain. Yesterday the temperature was observed to be 3 degrees Centigrade at 1,400 m a.s.l. (top station of the Happo One gondola (i.e. Yusagi Daira) and it was raining lightly (i.e. accumulation of less than 2.5 mm per hour). The forecast is for liquid precipitation continuing today, a clearing trend overnight followed by tomorrow afternoon cooling and more precipitaion which in theory should be in the form of snow. Driving conditions on all roads in the valley floor are excellent!

Hazard: generally "moderate" with "high" in selected terrain

A large volume of water in the form of rain has been added to the snowpack (60 mm rain in 24 hours). This will perculate into the snowpack and possibly form a lubricating layer if it pools above an impermeable layer (e.g. the "knife" layer observed at midpack on a south-west exposure at 1,700 m a.s.l. This could make wet snow (point release) avalanches more likely and more likely to gather larger volume. Thus steep creek banks for example and other steep features should be treated with increased respect. The danger of cornice fall is increasing. This could be a problem if the cornice falls on you or falls on the slope and acts as a trigger for an avalanche.
The forecast is for cooling and then more precipitation in the form of snow tomorrow. and the next day.

Latest bulletin: 1015 hrs., freezing level at 1,500 m a.s.l., wind light from the west, snowing 3 (i.e. snow fall such that 3 cm will accumulate in an hour). At 1,400 m a.s.l. it is sleeting.

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Naeba Now!

Wednesday 27th December 2006, 10:31am
Weather conditions: grey sky, rain
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Wow! Really strong winds, it could be said that a storm is underway. The gusts are blowing things off of things and things at things, a lot of damage up here this morning. There are chairs and table being lifted off of the ground, flags disintegrated and doors being blown off of hinges.

Though there are flashings of sunshine, there are heavy low clouds flying past at ridiculous velocities. Don't even dream of any gondolas being open today!

It’s 4 degrees at the village - with a sub zero wind chill. Naeba looks devastated by last nights rain, as I'm sure does the rest of the Japanese alps...

Here's for tonights temperature drop and the snow we've been waiting for.....

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