Snow and weather reports posted on Monday 6th May 2019

Niseko Now!

Tuesday 29th March 2016, 8:36am
Weather conditions: Clear and sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 110cm
Good morning from Niseko.

And as expected it is a lovely morning. Lots of blue sky, the sun is shining brightly and it feels nice and calm.

No new snow to report and quite mild conditions up top and at the base too and it should be getting on for being 'warm' today... up to around 8 or 9 degrees perhaps.

Slightly lower tomorrow perhaps with the chance of rain but beyond that we should be seeing more fine conditions at the end of the week.

A big 'otsukaresama' to the good folk putting together the Niseko Avalanche Reports every day... the last one for the season is posted below. I know what it is like posting reports every single day, and mine continue for another 5 weeks or so!


Resort specific lift opening news at time of posting (subject to change during the day):

Niseko Grand Hirafu
Niseko HANAZONO Resort
Niseko Village
Niseko Annupuri
All resort areas appear to be opening as planned at the start of the day.


Niseko Avalanche Report:

Niseko base 6am: -2℃, no snowfall, bluebird. Moiwa 838m: -0.3℃, N1.3m/s. Annupuri 1000m snowpack 310cm. Hirafu peak ridge -1℃, light wind and good visibility. Benkei cape: S3m/s, Kamui cape: WSW7m/s, 1021hPa, 0.7m waves.

Clear skies and no snowfall under the high-pressure system. The temperature is lower at the base today. New cracks formations and full depth avalanches are more likely to occur as thaw speeds up during the day. Rare avalanches from 1000m elevation sweeps the whole valley for a long distance and are extremely dangerous. Better stay away from its path, which is the bottom of the valleys.

Snow will remain for another while; we strongly hope there are no accidents until the end of the season.

This avalanche report has now finished for this season.
Special thanks to all ski patrol, lift and Cat operators.
Good snow is where you find it, there’s still plenty out there.
Have a nice end of the season.


Official resort snow depths as of Tuesday 29th March 2016:

Niseko Grand Hirafu & Hanazono
Top - 345cm
Base - 110cm

Niseko Village
Top - 340cm
Base - 120cm

Niseko Annupuri
Top - 350cm
Base - 120cm


Niseko Grand Hirafu plans to be open until Thursday 5th May. King Number 1 lift currently rested.
Niseko Hanazono plans to be open until Sunday 3rd April.
Niseko Village plans to be open daily until Sunday 3rd April, and then from 29th April until 5th May. Morino Chair currently rested.
Niseko Annupuri plans to be open until Thursday 5th May.


Night time floodlit skiing ('nighta') has now finished for the season.


Niseko Grand Hirafu 6 day weather and snow forecast
   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Tuesday 29th March 2016, 8:49am
Weather conditions: Clear and sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 45cm
Good morning from Yuzawa.

The sun is out from early on this morning - clear skies, if a little hazy feeling somehow. It's already closing in on 10 degrees as we approach 9am with temperatures today expected to rise to around 15C later on so it's going to be pretty warm. Any remaining snow from town and lower areas is now fast disappearing and the snow line moving up the mountain sides.

Tomorrow will likely start off sunny again but there's some rain on the forecast for later in the day. Thursday through Saturday is once again probably going to be sunny and warm.


Resort official snow depths (Tuesday 29th March 2016) and any specific news at time of writing:

There are now patches of ground on view showing on lower slopes around town - though covered up temporarily yesterday with fresh snow! Some more than others. The snow situation means that some courses/areas at resorts are now closed. If you are planning on visiting, I recommended that you check with the individual resorts for their up-to-date details. You can find their websites from the links below. Note that snow cover is not a problem higher up so there's still a lot of skiing and boarding left.

Resorts in Yuzawa and Minamiuonuma:

GALA Yuzawa
Plans to be part open until Sunday 8th May

Plans to be part open (upper areas only) daily until Sunday 3rd April

Joetsu Kokusai
Plans to be part open daily until Sunday 3rd April

Plans to be open until 29th May (via Mitsumata; until 8th May via Tashiro)
160cm (Mitsumata)
190cm (Tashiro)
220cm (Kagura)

Kandatsu Kogen
Plans to be part open until Sunday 24th April

Maiko Snow Resort
Just the upper Okusoeji area remains open now.
Plans to be open daily until Sunday 3rd April and then 9th/10th April
105cm (Okusoeji)

Plans to be part open until Sunday 3rd April

NASPA Ski Garden
Plans to be part open until Sunday 3rd April (one lift and one course currently open)

Yuzawa Kogen
Plans to be part open until Sunday 3rd April

Yuzawa Park


List of ski resorts in Yuzawa town
List of ski resorts in Minamiuonuma City


Iwappara 6 day snow and weather forecast
NASPA Ski Garden 6 day snow and weather forecast
Kagura 6 day snow and weather forecast   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Tuesday 29th March 2016, 8:51am
Weather conditions: Blue skies and sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 85cm
It is a beautiful and calm morning here in Hakuba. It's mild to start the day off and it's going to warm up too... we're expecting temperatures to rise to above 10 degrees this afternoon down here at base in the village.

There's good chance that there'll be more cloud appearing this afternoon as well, but it should stay generally fine and sunny. Warm conditions forecast for tomorrow as well, with perhaps some rain later in the day. After that, there should be a return to clearer and sunny skies for the end of the week.

The snow seems to be very quickly now melting away from lower mountain areas which is always sad to see, but still a lot of action to be had higher up still.


6 day forecast for Happo-one:

6 day snow and weather forecast for Happo-one


Resort news as of 8:50am on Tuesday 29th March 2016 (where available, all subject to change due to weather conditions)

Hakuba 47:
All courses at Hakuba 47 remain open.
The Tree Riding Zone is now closed for the season.
Official snow depth:
Upper: 180cm
Base: 65cm

Hakuba Goryu:
All courses open apart from Powder Snow, Snow Diving, Adventure, Cosmo River, Sunny Way and Straight Whisky at Iimori.
The Toomi area will be open until 9:30pm tonight for 'nighta' - will continue until 31st March.
Official snow depth
Alps: 226cm
Toomi: 85cm
Iimori: 35cm

Hakuba Happo-one:
The lower Nakiyama, Shirakaba North, Central Course, Kokusai, Sakka, Olympic Course II and Kita One areas are closed.
The Nakiyama South and Shirakaba South lower courses remain open (very limited).
All of upper mountain courses remain all open.
Official snow depth:
Usagidaira: 145cm
Nakiyama: 40cm

Hakuba Cortina:
Courses open - Ikenota, Mt Hieda Forest, Mt Hieda 1 and Itadaira.
Mt Hieda Ridge, Mt Hieda 2, Mt Hieda 3 open as 'self-responsibility area'.
Official snow depth:
Top: 138cm
Base: 55cm

Tsugaike Kogen:
Uma-no-se closed.
Champion, Kane-no-naru-oka and Rinkan areas very limited due to insufficient snow. Other areas remain open.
The top Tsugaike Ropeway is now open for spring season (extra charge required).
Official snow depth:
Tsuga-no-mori: 200cm
Maruyama: 40cm
Kane-no-naru-oka: 10cm

Hakuba Norikura Onsen:
Open courses: Hakunori Family, Wakaguri Central, Rabbit and Wakaguri Rinkan.
Official snow depth:

Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field:
Hakuba Iwatake has now closed for the season.

Hakuba Sanosaka:
Sanosaka has now closed for the season.   Read more ...

Naeba Now!

Tuesday 29th March 2016, 9:06am
Weather conditions: Glorious day out there today. Sun cream and good sunglasses essential!
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 80cm
Good morning from Naeba everybody.

Well it's another fantastically bright day out there today. True end of season conditions are in play at the moment with goggle tans appearing left right and center.

Whilst snow conditions are generally not great Naeba is still definitely ride-able. My recommendation however is certainly to go up high on the gondola and watch out for the occasional grass spots.

Please be aware that whilst Naeba is posting an official snow depth of 80 cm of snow, that is only at the top of the mountain and even then I'm pretty sure the measurement has been taken through the top of a snow man. In reality the snow is not all that deep in most places so venturing away from the groomed trails is a pretty bad idea unless you like rock skiing.

Looking on until closing day we're supposed to get a mixture of clear weather and rain. Sunday which will be the last day of Naeba this season looks like it will be raining pretty hard unfortunately.

Naeba 6-day snow and weather forecast

Naeba has announced that it's season will end on Sunday 4th April - no opening beyond then due to the low snow levels this year - and so there's just over a week and a half to go. Kagura will of course be continuing beyond that date, accessible via the Mitsumata and Tashiro Ropeways   Read more ...

Appi Kogen Now!

Tuesday 29th March 2016, 9:10am
Weather conditions: Sunny
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 120cm
Good morning from Appi,

Well another sunny day here. Currently 3 degrees outside with sunny skies and light winds.

The forecast this weeks calls for temperatures firmly in the positive zone perhaps hitting a high of 10 by Friday. We may also see a little rain on Wednesday. The good news is we still have snow that’s skiable. Although the main Gondola is the only way to the top and we only have limited runs open it was remarkable decent yesterday. It’s winding down here so get out and have a little fun before all the snow is gone.


Currently planned operating lifts:

- Appi Gondola
- Central Number 1 quad
- Number 2 lift A
- Number 3 lift B
- Number 4 lift


6 day forecast for Appi Kogen:

6 day snow and weather forecast for Appi Kogen
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Grandeco Now!

Tuesday 29th March 2016, 9:17am
Weather conditions: Bluebird
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 190cm
Again it's blue skies and sun this morning at Grandeco and it looks like it will stay that way all day. There's no wind and temperatures are rising. Sunscreen and sunglasses are in order for the slopes today for sure. Careful not to end up with a sunburn.

All the courses are groomed packed snow warming up to spring conditions in the afternoon.

Tomorrow might see some rain falling so hopefully we can avoid that...

While we wait for the Snow Park to get the renewal finished, the main beginner and intermediate park area are still open and freshly groomed. They are using salt in places to make sure the features don't lose their shape and you are able to maintain the speed you need to have fun.


Lifts operating:

Lift 4 has closed for the season, all other lifts operating

Courses open except

[B-b] Mint
[D-a] Lavender
[H] Center 33


Snow and weather forecast:

6 day snow and weather forecast for Grandeco


Resorts that remain open in the region are Grandeco, Nekoma and Minowa.

Nekoma will be closed between 19th-21st and 26th-28 April but these resorts all plan to be open until 5th May ---- whether they can do that or not will totally depend on the snow levels of course, which are less than usual and less than expected.    Read more ...

Myoko Now!

Tuesday 29th March 2016, 10:27am
Weather conditions: Clear skies; a bit hazy
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 165cm
I wasn't sure of the town was going to continue releasing the official reports, but it just popped into my mailbox, so I have the real word for you.

Sunny again today and warm - put on your sunscreen! (My nose is peeling from standing out there on a race course over the weekend, even though I really smeared it on!)

There are a few bare patches up there on the hill, but it's still possible at Akakan to ski all the way down to the base. So things are much better than earlier anticipated....


Akakura Kanko:
2° / 165cm; Sky Cable, No. 2 and 3 lifts; Champion side closed

Akakura Onsen:
5° / 140cm; running until April 3, with all the main lifts running; Ginrei section closed

Ikenotaira Onsen:

Myoko Suginohara:

Seki Onsen:
0° / 250cm

Myoko Ski Park:
5° / 100cm; open until April 3

Kyukamura RunRun:
4° / 140cm; open until March 31

Tangram Ski Circus:
0° / 85cm; open until April 3; Nos. 1, 3 and 5 lifts

Madarao Kogen:
2° / 75cm; open until March 31
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Furano Now!

Tuesday 29th March 2016, 10:44am
Weather conditions: Bluebird/clear
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 160cm
It is a beautiful spring morning with calm conditions around the village. The temperatures will get pretty warm today so you wont need much on in the way of insulation when out on the mountain. Skies are a picture perfect blue which will be great for photos. Expect spring snow conditions all over the mountain with the lower mountain being quite slushy as the day warms up.
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Minakami Now!

Tuesday 29th March 2016, 13:18pm
Weather conditions: Blue skies, clear
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: 140cm
More of the same beautiful Spring weather here.

No blizzards to report unfortunately.

Snow pack is holding up pretty well with no real shrinkage after yesterday's warm morning. Fortunately the afternoon saw clouds roll in on Tenjin and Tanigawadake above.

The forecast is calling for some snow tomorrow night at the top of the resort so fingers are crossed here.


Just Tenjindaira, Minakami Kogen Ski Resort and Minakami Hodaigi remain (at least part) open for now.
All other resorts in Minakami are now closed.

Minakami Kogen Fujiwara
Minakami Hodaigi
Minakami Kogen Ski Resort
Norn Minakami
Okutone Snow Park
Tanigawadake Tenjindaira
White Valley


Weather forecast:

Tanigawa Tenjindaira 6 day snow and weather forecast   Read more ...

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