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Shiga Kogen Now!

Tuesday 30th October 2018, 12:55pm
Weather conditions: Cloud
New snowfall: 0cm
Snow depth: --
Good afternoon... and welcome back to Shiga Kogen Now!

It has been a long time since the last report in May, but as we now approach the end of October it has been regularly getting cold and staying cold over recent days. There has been a few times in the past week where it was below freezing as well as some flurries on the peaks.

Last night it snowed on the peaks of some of the higher elevation ski areas in Shiga Kogen. Although we have had not snow in the base areas, it is nice to see the white stuff on the peaks. There is snow in the forecast for the next 36hrs and we might even get some of it in the base area too. We will see.

That being said, winter is for sure just around the corner.



The Shiga Kogen Now reports will be back daily once the season gets going.

So... when will that actually be?

Well, the official site has 17th November 2018 as the 'pre-open' date. That usually just means when the first limited number of lifts and courses hope to be able to open (or soon after). The official opening ceremony will be held at the Yakebitaiyama resort area on Saturday 1st December 2018. And then the 'Grand Open' (which is basically when they hope that the whole of the Shiga Kogen area will be open) is 22nd December 2018.

Unfortunately, specific details for the coming season - opening dates, lift ticket prices, nighta details etc - are not yet updated on the official site. And that is why such details have not yet been updated within SnowJapan. We are keeping an eye on things and hope to get them updated as quickly as possible.

See you soon!


The section of the Route 292 road that connects Shiga Kogen with Gunma Prefecture will be officially closed for the winter from 1pm on 15th November 2018 (and will be closed until 19th April 2019). That means that from 15th November, access to Shiga Kogen is by Route 292 from the north-west.


The last report of the 17/18 season can be found here   Read more ...

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