Snow and weather reports posted on Monday 6th May 2019

Hakuba Now!

Friday 31st March 2006, 8:44am
Weather conditions: Cloudy and light snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Still mighty cold out there for the end of March and the snow continued to fall overnight. High winds also were blowing pretty good all night so the tracks of yesterday should have filled in nicely. About 5cms at the base of Happo today and about 10 cm or more up top. Due to the winds expect some windpack and scoured faces on windward slopes. The forecast calls for overcast skies and snow flurries throughout the day, turning to sun tomorrow.

Avalanche danger is Considerable.

Things are definately sliding out there and will continue to slide tomorrow and over the week end as the new snow is over riding a rain crust that it is not bonding well to. Be very careful in steep terrain as it will be easy to set off slides in the surface layer on slopes over 30 degrees. Greater caution will be needed as temperatures warm over the weekend and the possibility of natural avalanches increases. Becareful not to trigger a slide above others that are on slopes below you.    Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Friday 31st March 2006, 9:28am
Weather conditions: Snowing heavily
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
It may be the last day of March but you wouldn't know it with the ridiculous amount of snow we received last night. It started coming in heavy yesterday afternoon and then through the night the winds picked up causing massive drifting through the village. This morning it was impossible to get to the front door of the office without a significant amount of digging. It's hard to tell exactly how much fell because of all the drifting but it would be up there with some of the biggest overnight falls of the season. Admittedly on the lower slopes it's a little heavy but up higher in protected areas it should be awesome and near bottomless. Not a bad way to finish off the month. Unfortunately the strong winds have put many of the lifts on wind hold but once the winds abate it will be awesome up there. Tonight is the last night of night skiing for the season so get out there and enjoy all the new powder this evening.    Read more ...

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Friday 31st March 2006, 9:58am
Weather conditions: Heavy steady snowfall
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Another 5 cm for the third day in a row, making 15 in total, it's just what we needed. Calm fluffy conditions should make for a great day up top and all over. It feels like winter is starting all over again, car rooves are thick with white flat tops and villagers are getting around with ankle high snow and umbrellas. Fingers crossed for an extended season. Blue skies are predicted for tomorrow with sleet the next day, today may be our best conditions for the remaining weeks.   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Friday 31st March 2006, 18:11pm
Weather conditions: Snow, cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
It's like winter all over again! The temperatures are right down and more importantly the snow is back and it is still falling this evening, which will make for a fantastic weekend (and a great way to finish for the resorts that are closing for the season this weekend).

It looks like the snow clouds will clear during the night, making way for a sunny Saturday - it may even be fairly warm with temperatures set to rise to around +10.

If you can make it out on the slopes tomorrow, you should be in for a treat!

Due to the strong winds today only the central part of Gala was operating (with slow lifts as well), and only the Mitsumata part of Kagura.   Read more ...

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