Snow and weather reports posted on Monday 6th May 2019

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Wednesday 6th January 2010, 9:01am
Weather conditions: Cloudy with light snow.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Heavy snow started falling yesterday afternoon and continued on and off throughout the evening. This has provided us with another great powder day. We've got another 20cm up top and 10cm in the village, so get up their early and lay some fresh tracks.

Light snow will persist all day, with moderate winds and temperatures hovering around -6 up top. Lower slopes will have the best visibility, however if you're skiing up top get in amongst the trees to avoid the cloud.

Current Official Snow Depths Numbers:




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Hakuba Now!

Wednesday 6th January 2010, 9:46am
Weather conditions: Overcast
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Large snowfall yesterday with snow all day piling up high and half-burying cars wherever you looked; fantastic conditions however you like your snow. Personally we like it light and fluffy in the trees and that's where we'll be today as conditions here are to put it lightly OFF THE HOOK.

Today is overcast with some very light snow falling, snowmen on the radar screen all week with tomorrow night looking like old Frosty will be ripping out his biggest wet-white-fart of the week.

As always if heading into the BC, only do so if you have all the necessary equipment, the knowledge and experience how to use it and friends with the same. Current points of concern:

*Heavy snowfall
*Rapid increase of weight on snow pack
*Suffocation by falling face first in too deep powder
*High danger of falling snow from rooves
*Surface avalanches in new snow due to underlying grauple layer
*Increased snowfall adding load to buried week layer
*Cornice fall
*Increase in loose snow avalanches and sluffs
*Falling tree bombs (Possible triggers and cause of avalanches as well as overhead hazards)
*Increased caution advised around rocky outcroppings, cliffs and well spaced trees in start zones.
*Development of cornices in lee slopes
*Lee side loading
*Due caution on cross loaded slopes
*Poor bonding at or around buried crust
*Wide propagation due to wind slab
*Stay away from steep and convex terrain

Official resort snow depths on 6th Jan 10:

100cm (Shirakaba)
145cm (Sakka/Kitaone)
310cm (Kurobishi/Usagidaira)
Hakuba Goryu:
150cm (Iimori)
170cm (Toomi)
320cm (Alps daira)
Hakuba 47:
Tsugaike Kogen:
150cm (Kanenonaruoka)
175cm (Maruyama)
305cm (Tsuganomori)
Hakuba Iwatake:
165cm (Shomen)
230cm (Sancho)
Sun Alpina Sanosaka:
Hakuba Minekata:
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Minakami Now!

Wednesday 6th January 2010, 9:46am
Weather conditions: Snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The morning cloud yesterday gradually turned into snow. It was very light and stop/start at first but increased throughout the day until it was a steady fall by night. It continued on and off throughout the night with almost 10cm sitting on the valley floor this morning. The resorts all received more than this to add to their already impressive collections.

It definitely feels colder today, especially with the wind blowing, and this weather is due to stay with us through tomorrow. The forecast is for cloud over the weekend with a possibility that the sun might show its face in the afternoons. Whatever the weather though, the snow conditions are going to be first rate after all the snow of the last ten days - and with a three day weekend coming up it's a good opportunity to get out and try it.   Read more ...

Yuzawa Now!

Wednesday 6th January 2010, 9:53am
Weather conditions: Heavy snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Yesterday was a curious one - it stayed mild most of the day and we had flurries of snow as well as that rainfall during the day. Strong winds too later on in the day. By late evening it was snowing and this morning we have perhaps 15cm or so of snow though it will be more on the mountains - Iwappara this morning are reporting 20-30cm of snow and Kagura are reporting 30cm.

It is snowing quite heavily as I write this and definitely feels colder than yesterday. Looks like we might be on for another 30cm or so today if this carries on. As you might expect in such conditions, poor visibility with a fairly moderate wind as well.

The moderate winds this morning only seems to be affecting the Dragondola connecting Naeba and Tashiro which is closed - all other resorts open though if strong winds persist expect them to be running slow and/or stopped at times.

It is currently -1 degrees in Yuzawa and will probably stay at around that point for most of the day.

The forecast of really heavy snow tonight into tomorrow seems to have changed - while we will surely see snow continue today and tomorrow into Friday the forecast seems to have been scaled down somewhat.

Official resort snow depths @ 6th Jan 10, AM:
Mt Naeba:
Kagura - Tashiro:
GALA Yuzawa:
Kandatsu Kogen:
NASPA Ski Garden:
Yuzawa Kogen:
Yuzawa Park:
Yuzawa Nakazato:
Kayama Captain Coast:


PM update:

Just a quick update for the evening...

It has been snowing pretty much all day today - and quite heavily at times with some strong winds. There was about 25cm of snow on the top of my car at 5pm and all of that had accummulated since 9am this morning.

It is taking a break from the snow at the moment but we have 20-40cm of snow forecast to fall between now and 9am tomorrow morning and snow forecast for all day tomorrow.

So the winter conditions are continuing. It looks like it might be snow on and off through until the end of the weekend.   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Wednesday 6th January 2010, 10:07am
Weather conditions: Snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The snow is continuing this morning and perhaps 10cm of so to move from the top of the car this morning.

Some blustery winds in the Ichinose area this morning and currently it is snowing lightly though we have heavier snow forecast for later today and also into tomorrow.

A few people have asked about the snow depth numbers we post in this report below and why they aren't changing that much when there seems to be plenty of new snow. Well, they are the official numbers that the resorts announce and personally I think they seem too low especially after experiencing how much snow has fallen and being out there on the slopes as well. But for whatever reason, they are the numbers. Keep an eye on how much I mention has fallen each day in each report to get an idea of what new snow is falling in the area.... of course Shiga Kogen is a large wide region and I try to comment generally though at times there are very different conditions in say Okushiga Kogen and Yokoteyama which are at both extreme ends of the region.

Nighta this evening planned at the following resort areas:

- Ichinose Family
- Ichinose Diamond

Official resort snow depths as of 6th January 10:

Sun Valley:
Ichinose Family:
Ichinose Diamond:
Okushiga Kogen:
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Zao Now!

Wednesday 6th January 2010, 10:17am
Weather conditions: Light snow, cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The snow clouds are still with us this morning. Yesterday it was snowy conditions for most of the time and we should be on for more of the same today. I would say we haver had about 15cm of so since yesterdays report.

There's a light wind this morning and a temperature of around -6 in the village and it does feel colder than yesterday. Up at the top of the mountain it is around -11 degrees. There are fast moving clouds covering the mountain but at times clearing up for short periods giving us a bit of a view - though it looks like it will be a few more days before we can enjoy some clear weather as more snowy conditions are forecast for the next few days.

Official snow depths on the resort:

Chuo area:

Paradise area:

Utopia area:
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Naeba Now!

Wednesday 6th January 2010, 10:21am
Weather conditions: Light snow, cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Not much snow overnight in the village - perhaps 5-10cm or so - but Kagura is reporting a healthy 30cm of new snow overnight and in the last few hours the snow has come on strong down in Yuzawa town.... not heavy snow up here yet but my guess is that it is on it's way.

Fairly strong winds again have the Dragondola resting this morning but other resort operations seem to be running as normal.

More snow lined up over the next few days.

Official Snow Depths:



Kagura (Tashiro):
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Niseko Now!

Wednesday 6th January 2010, 11:24am
Weather conditions: Cloudy with light snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
The winds picked up in the afternoon yesterday and we did get a little snowfall but things calmed down overnight and it remained mostly fine with the main bands of precipitation moving through eastern Hokkaido.
This morning it is cloudy with some very light snow falling and the winds have picked up again with some of the higher lifts on wind hold. It is fairly mild with temperatures around freezing at the base of the resort.
Eastern and Northern parts of Hokkaido are currently getting dumped on but it doesn't look like we'll be getting much more snow throughout the remainder of this week.
There's still some reasonable snow to be found higher up on the mountain and in the trees out throuh the gates. If you're looking for freshies and struggling you may want to consider heading over to Niseko Moiwa for a day or heading out on a backcountry tour.

Current Official Snow Depths:

Grand Hirafu:
Top - 190cm
Bottom - 100cm

Niseko Village:
Top - 220cm
Bottom - 140cm

Top - 210cm
Bottom - 140cm

Avalanche Information:

Niseko Avalanche Info No.22

Moiwa base 6am: -2.5℃, snowing for the past 20hours, hard slabs of collapsed crystal snow are forming due to north-easterly storm.
These slabs thickness have reached 30cm and are easily collapsible, very weak to impacts.
The coastal wind is relatively clam, 5m/s ENE with 2.8m waves.
15m/s N wind is blowing at the top of Mizuno no sawa and the wind speed remains within 20m/s NE at the peak.
This easterly storm has been persisting for the last 20 hours in Niseko area due to the passing Low.
Although snowdrifts accumulation in leeward slopes remains relatively shallow, up to 50cm in Fujiwara no sawa, avalanche risk is high as snowdrifts and cornices are now forming hard-slab that are vulnerable to stimulations.
Predicted trigger layer is 5th Jan layer with 40cm thickness. Riding impact could trigger a shallow but large surface slab slide.
Peak gates will be kept closed today.
Most of the accidents occur during poor weather.
The snow conditions changes everyday, and today is one of the bad days. Better stay away from leeward steep slopes and cornices today.
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Furano Now!

Wednesday 6th January 2010, 13:16pm
Weather conditions: Overcast
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
While there was no new snow in the village overnight there was around 3cm on the upper half of the ski area. Course conditions are quite hard underfoot but the sprinkling of fresh snow on top was a welcome addition - sharp edges are definitely an advantage.

The gondola was operating early morning at a reduced speed but has ceased operation for the day due to an increase in wind speed. Today the temperatures are quite warm, and the wind does not feel cold at all. Visibility is generally good but the light is a little flat at times. According to the forecast the sun should be out for the next few days.
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Myoko Now!

Wednesday 6th January 2010, 18:44pm
Weather conditions: Light snow, some fog
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
A late report here — things get busy when the snow is falling and skiers are on the slopes.... Sorry to keep you waiting, and here's the latest in good snow news from Myoko.

The overnight snowfall was not as heavy as expected; forecasts were for upwards of 80cm, but it was more like 20 with some drifting. The snow quality is a bit heavy with high moisture; steep slopes are needed off the runs to move through the snow. It has continued to snow throughout the day, however, and is forecast to keep on going through the weekend.

Current Official Snow Depths:

Akakura Onsen:

Akakan (Akakura Kanko):


Myoko Suginohara:

Seki Onsen:

Myoko Ski Park:




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