Snow and weather reports posted on Sunday 30th May 2021

Niseko Now!

Thursday 7th February 2008, 8:25am
Weather conditions: Fine early, deteriorating later.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Tuesday evening's snowfalls left a nice cover across the three resorts yesterday morning, although the sun facing slopes still had a hard crust under the fresh powder. On the bright side, it was some of the lightest powder we have seen this season. Just have a look at the photos uploaded yesterday which show how easy it was to kick up a wall of snow and also how long it hung in the air.

By mid afternoon the weather had begun to turn but it didn't bring any measurable snowfalls.

It looks like later today we will get some more snow, just how much is not so clear. The sea level charts suggest a perfect setup of lows to our east grinding against a continental high to our west, with the boundary right over us and the Sea of Japan.

However the precipitation charts do not show anything meaningful coming in in the next 24 to 48 hours, which is worrying. Nonetheless, it is possible that the Sea of Japan will feede some localised moisture into the mix.   Read more ...

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Thursday 7th February 2008, 8:36am
Weather conditions: Snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Snow again in Nozawa this morning. It started after 4am but has gone hard since then, dumping 15-20cm in town. It is still going steadily now. Yesterday the snow was pretty good but the mountain was slightly busier than usual and it got chopped up early on. It also got rather warm during the day and was followed by a very cold night. We should expect the base under the new stuff to be hard even higher up the mountain.

Light snow is expected today and tomorrow and then a little bit more on Saturday night. The long weekend is expected to be the busiest of the year, even more so than new years according to the locals.

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Yuzawa Now!

Thursday 7th February 2008, 8:50am
Weather conditions: Snow, cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Just a bit of snow this morning but it is now coming down nicely and at this rate should soon amount to new cm. It's -2 at the moment with a slight wind and will probably stay around that level for the day, with stronger winds forecast for later in the day.

If anything it might get colder as tomorrow the forecast is for snow throughout the day as well with colder temperatures down to around -4 degrees. For now it is looking like the weekend will also see snow clouds, and so we might be in for a good few days in terms of snowfall.

Further update coming this evening.   Read more ...

Myoko Now!

Thursday 7th February 2008, 10:06am
Weather conditions: SUNNY
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Heavy snows last night brought the levels up a bit. Will Seki Onsen hit the 4-meter mark this year? Will Madarao hit 2 meters? Will Iizuna hit the 1 meter mark? These and other questions may be answered by the end of February rather than March this year:)

Despite the heavy snow last night, a sunny sky has managed to hang out over Myoko and Kurohime. Suginohara's my pick today as the powder's high and the sun is bright. The view of Lake Nojiri is fantastic.

Your Myoko area levels for today:
265cm (Akakura Kanko);
270cm (Akakura Onsen);
230cm (Ikenotaira);
345cm at the top, 170cm bottom (Suginohara);
270cm (Kyukamura);
190cm (Pine Valley);
365cm (Seki Onsen);
165cm (Madarao Tangram Ski Circus);
175cm (Madarao Sympathique);
180cm (Madarao Kogen);
285cm (Myoko Ski Park);
145cm (Togakushi);
170cm (Kurohime);
130cm (Iizuna);
135cm (Iizuna Kogen)

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Hakuba Now!

Thursday 7th February 2008, 10:14am
Weather conditions: Clear skies
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Some fresh snow overnight with up to 5cm in the valley and we woke up to beautiful blue skies. Lovely groomed runs and some nice fluff still to be found around the edges of the runs.

Changeable winds from the East with no wind in sheltered areas but some strong gusts on some of the more open runs. Get your sunblock on and your mirrored lenses and enjoy...

Backcountry Travel Advisory as at Feb 6th:

Today will see many people heading out into the backcountry because of the good weather and the recent new snow. Hopefully they will pick conservative lines and use good group control and safety measures. There are still multiple shear layers in the upper 1 m of the snow pack that may propagate and create avalanches in steep moderate and complicated terrain. Alpine bowls and chutes with big consequences should be avoided or reassessed for stability. Do not get fooled by the Ice Crust of January 12 as it is still a lingering week layer and faceting around this layer is prominent and depth hoar has also been found around this layer in multiple areas. Shear and compression tests have found moderate results on this layer and the shear plane is very clean and could produce problems so do assess stability of this layer before jumping in.

Solar radiated slopes will be warming and might produce loose avalanches in the upper layers of new snow.

Take due care out there and take mellow lines in simple terrain.

Avalanche Hazard as of Feb 6th:

Alpine: Considerable

Tree line: Considerable

Below Tree Line: Moderate
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Naeba Now!

Thursday 7th February 2008, 10:31am
Weather conditions: Cloud, sunny spells
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
A chilly start to the day, what with the breeze really making things that much cooler. It's bright out there too, a day for sunglasses or mirrored goggles. There's a fair amount of cloud around though, the same could be said for blue sky - 'Even Stevens' on the sky/cloud front then. -4 in the town with the breeze making it feel all that more cooler. We had more snow last night a good 10-15cm, and it seems that there will be more on the way.

A bit late to be warning of avalanche dangers now, (considering of last weeks 2 meter burial/leg breaker story in the Nagano region - a lady pro-rider who had only been teaching here in Asagai a few days before) - but still its pretty bad, lot's of slumping snow and warning signs around the mountain over the last few days. I also just heard last night that someone in a group has just died in an avalanche up on the mountain behind us here.

Please be careful out there! Me thinks this may be why the top lift at Kagura has been closed over the last few days?   Read more ...

Furano Now!

Thursday 7th February 2008, 10:43am
Weather conditions: still, blue sky, clear day.
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Another sunny day today. Only a dusting overnight which means the groomers will be the pick of the runs today. The mountain is pretty empty at the moment, which means you can have the groomers all to yourself for pretty much most of the day and not worry about dodging other skiers or snowboarders.

The next decent snowfall is forecast for Tuesday, with strong winds expected.
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Minakami Now!

Thursday 7th February 2008, 11:24am
Weather conditions: Overcast and snowing lightly
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
A clear sky last night after yesterdays sun created yet another crust layer. Today the snow has been coming down since early morning with 10cm of fresh currently at the valley level. The snow is supposed to continue until midnight tonight then take a break until Friday afternoon when it is forecast to start up again.

The weekend looks like more snow with a possibility of some sun on Saturday. The snow is predicted to be stronger (and possibly wet) on Sunday as a front moves in from the South. This will most likely bring snow to all of Kanto, so getting away early on Friday would be a good idea to avoid weekend traffic.

30cm of fresh snow sitting on the wind packed snow from the weekend, with still some facets around the sun crust of 10 days ago at 80cm. Caution advised in steep terrain.

Avalanche Hazard:
Alpine: Considerable
Tree Line: Moderate
Below Tree line: Moderate   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Thursday 7th February 2008, 12:12pm
Weather conditions: Cloud, light snow
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Mixed weather this morning after a generally fine day yesterday. There is some new snow on the ground and generally cloudy skies, though some breaks in that cloud. And light snow falling in some parts of Shiga Kogen. So a generally mixed bag.

The upcoming weekend will be one of the busiest of the year. Not only is it 3 holidays (Monday), but during this Chinese New Year period many skiers and snowboarders from overseas will be enjoying the slopes. Hopefully not too crowded so everyone can enjoy themselves.

Snow is forecast for today and tomorrow, so we might be in for a decent topup before the holidays and conditions should be good.

Night operations planned at the following resort areas of Shiga Kogen today:

- Ichinose Family
- Ichinose Diamond   Read more ...

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