Snow and weather reports posted on Thursday 5th December 2019

Yuzawa Now!

Tuesday 7th January 2003, 8:28am
Weather conditions: Sunny > snow later
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
It snowed for most of yesterday and a few more cm overnight, but this morning is blue skies all round. Today will be an excellent day to be out on the slopes - not busy at all, great weather but most of all lots of soft powder out there to enjoy. The forecast tells us that it will most likely cloud over later in the afternoon with a chance of snow later on.   Read more ...

Nozawa Onsen Now!

Tuesday 7th January 2003, 8:44am
Weather conditions: Sun
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
A very cold and sunny morning here in Nozawa. No wind, blue skies and light snow are the ingredients for a perfect day on the slopes.    Read more ...

Niseko Now!

Tuesday 7th January 2003, 9:53am
Weather conditions: Sun
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
Last night's 'nighta' conditions were fantastic. Alpen ridge line, Hana 3 and Tetsu's trees were all deep and untracked. Powder quality was light and dry.30cm+ of new snow has fallen, and the sun is shining providing perfect visibility this morning. More snow is expected after lunch, but with good powder coverage and slight wind conditions, great turns are there to be had.Yesterday a small avalanche occurred within the resort - the lower side of Miharashi slid for about 40 metres down on to the family course. With fluctuating temperatures and increasing snow loading, caution is required for those heading backcountry.   Read more ...

Hakuba Now!

Tuesday 7th January 2003, 11:24am
Weather conditions: Clear but cold
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
After a very cold (-15) and starry night, it's clear today with some thin clouds whitening the sky. 47 report that the lift up to Goryu (line E) is operating at reduced speed, so it must be quite windy up the top. Their park is also closed presumably while they dig out the pipe and all of the rails. That course is very gentle, so the sooner its groomed, the better.

No new snow overnight.

On the events front, from Friday to Sunday its the "2003 Racing Ski Freak Grandprix" at Happo and no, I don't know what that means. Until the 10th, ladies, guys accompanying ladies, and guys that successfully pass themselves off as ladies get 1,000 yen off at Tsugaike. At Iwatake this week (Jan 6-10), if you buy a day pass, they'll give you a voucher for a weekday between Jan 20-31. Every week at Iwatake, its 3,000 yen on Thursday and Friday. They've got a great halfpipe at Iwatake, but it's not open yet :(

The most famous event of the year, the FIS Ski Jumping Competition, is scheduled for Jan 23rd. It's in the evening, so warm clothing is highly recommended.   Read more ...

Shiga Kogen Now!

Tuesday 7th January 2003, 11:31am
Weather conditions: Sun, cloud
New snowfall: --
Snow depth: --
More snow all yesterday and last night, leaving excellent powder conditions for today - and what a day..... bright blue skies, not many people around = PERFECT. Come make the most of it, it doesn't get much better than this!   Read more ...

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