About Places to Stay

We hope you that you can find suitable accommodation on the SnowJapan Places to Stay section. We'd like to make a few important points about the listings within our Places to Stay section:


SnowJapan is not a travel agency and we do not deal directly with hotel bookings or enquiries. Please either contact the accommodations directly for specific questions.
Accommodation Spotlights (ie. these individual accommodation listings)
You can contact each accommodation directly using the website, email or phone number on the pages.
SnowJapan does not own and is not affiliated with any of the accommodations listed in our Places to Stay section.
SnowJapan has no direct control over any of the properties listed in the section and it is impossible for us to check each and every small detail. The details on the pages are provided by the accommodation and checked as far as is possible. We what to make sure that places are what they say they are.
It is extremely important to us that people have a good experience with anything connected to our site and we are concerned about the quality of accuracy of the information posted on our pages. If for some reason you have a less than satisfactory experience, please do let us know as we want to hear about it and we will investigate.
We are not able to provide further details than those already on the pages. We are also not able to recommend any particular accommodation or area over another.... we don't think it's our place to make such recommendations.
If you own a hotel or accommodation and would like to be featured as an Accommodation Spotlight on SnowJapan, please contact us.
Please support us by mentioning SnowJapan if you contact any of these accommodations.
Online booking area
The online booking/reservations functionality is brought to you courtesy of the booking website 'booking.com'.
SnowJapan does not have any control over the hotel information or the booking system, and we are unable to answer any questions regarding listings or bookings.
SnowJapan does not control which accommodations appear - or the order in which they appear - on the booking pages.


Thank you and we hope you find just the right place for your stay on the snow..