Hotel Listel Inawashiro (Inawashiro Town, Fukushima)

Hotel Listel Inawashiro
Inawashiro Town, Fukushima
ホテルリステル猪苗代 (福島県 猪苗代町)

Hotel Listel Inawashiro is located close to the shore of Lake Inawashiro, with ski lifts just outside the hotel and other ski resorts in the reason within easy reach via free shuttle bus.

Hotel Listel Inawashiro
Type Hotel
General location Located close to Inawashiro lake in the Aizu region, this hotel stands at the base of the Listel Ski Fantasia ski hill
Nearest ski lift Less than 100m
Rooms & capacity Wing Tower

370 rooms in total
1300 guest capacity


100 rooms
300 guest capacity
Bedding Both Western style beds and Japanese style futons available
Style of toilets Western style
Bathrooms All rooms have private bathroom
Tatami mats Yes
Internet access Free Wi-Fi available in guest rooms and lobby area of West Tower (and the ski resort).

Password is required.
English speaking? English speaking staff are available
Smoking policy Both smoking and non-smoking guest rooms are available
Pets policy There is a "pet hotel corner" in the Wing Tower. Cage rental available at 3240 yen per night. Guests are responsible for looking after their own pets.
Guest Rooms
Deluxe twin - 70 rooms
Deluxe triple - 20 rooms
Superior twin - 7 rooms
Oriental twin - 271 rooms
Oriental suite - 1 room
Royal suite - 1 room

All guest rooms have a private bathroom.

Standard Room
440 channel radio
Mini bar set
Electric water pot
Clock (night panel)
Writing desk
Ashtray (in rooms that allow smoking)
Tissue paper
Ball pen and note paper
Yukata robe
Towel hanger


Bath towel
Face towel
Bath mat
Shower cap
Hair band
Hair brush
Body soap
Hand soap
Toilet paper
Ashtray (in rooms that allow smoking)
Hotel Listel Inawashiro, Inawashiro, Fukushima
Hotel Listel Inawashiro, Inawashiro, Fukushima
Hotel Listel Inawashiro, Inawashiro, Fukushima
General Facilities
- Western style restaurant
- Japanese style restaurant
- Izakaya style restaurant
- Bar lounge
- Karaoke box
- Heated indoor pool facility
- Fitness Room
- Rental Corner
- Shop
- Treatment salon
Room charge, breakfast only and breakfast & evening meal plans are available
Hotel Listel Inawashiro, Inawashiro, Fukushima Hotel Listel Inawashiro, Inawashiro, Fukushima
Please see website for latest rates and package information.
Payment: Cash
Credit Card (Most major credit cards are accepted)
By Train
43km from the Koriyama Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen line
5km from the Inawashiro Station on the Banetsu Sai line
2.1km from the Kawageta Station on the Banetsu Sai line
A station pick-up is available
A regular free shuttle bus between Inawashiro Station and Hotel Listel Inawashiro is available. The journey takes around 15 minutes.

More information here.
By Car
5.2km from the Inawashiro Bandai Kogen IC on the Banetsu Expressway
Nearest national route: 4.4km from Route 49
Nearest prefecture road: Prefecture Road 323
Parking is available
The hotel is just over 5km from the Inawashiro Bandai Kogen IC exit on the Banetsu Expressway.

Free parking is available for around 1000 vehicles.

Travel time from Tokyo in around two and a half hours.

More information here.
Hotel Listel Inawashiro, Inawashiro, Fukushima Hotel Listel Inawashiro, Inawashiro, Fukushima
Hotel Listel Inawashiro is a perfect place to base a ski holiday in the Inawashiro and Bandai region; and there is lots going on during the other seasons of the year too.

This large hotel has a good selection of places to eat as well as a bar and places to enjoy relax or exercise after a day on the nearby slopes, if you so wish!

The Listel Ski Fantasia ski hill is just outside the hotel. Other ski resorts in the area are easy to get to with the hotel providing a free shuttle bus to get there.

The beautiful Lake Inawashiro is nearby and the historical city of Aizu Wakamatsu is also within reach.
accommodaton Accommodation Name Hotel Listel Inawashiro
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telephone Telephone (within Japan) 0242-66-2233
Telephone (from overseas) (81)-242-66-2233
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address Postal address Tennozaka 2414
Hotel Listel Inawashiro
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