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Reviews of ski resorts in Hokkaido. Currently 4 reviews.
Otaru Tenguyama
Otaru City, Hokkaido
Submitted by agillgren on 28th February 2014
It's literally on the edge of town and offers great views back over the city and ocean. It has some decent pitch too. Probably some of the steeper "courses" I've seen in Hokkiado.

But alas not that long with only around 450m vertical. In fact I think true "beginners" would struggle on the green run accessed by the rope way - but the area at the top accessed by chair is a perfect pitch but might get a bit
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Asarigawa Onsen
Otaru City, Hokkaido
Submitted by agillgren on 28th February 2014
Otaru local
A smallish resort - this time just outside of Otaru (10 minutes).

There was fresh snow on the day we visited, and not the greatest weather. Good thing is we seemed to be a bit out of the wind. Being low and close to the ocean the powder wasn't as fluffy as other places but still good. Looked like they get plenty of it still.

It's got 4 lifts - although it takes 3 to get to the top.
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Asahidake Ropeway
Higashigawa Town, Hokkaido
Submitted by agillgren on 28th February 2014
Stunning day on the volcano
We are more easy slack country riders more than full back country types so I was a bit hesitant to head to Asahidake.

We failed in our attempts to find a guide ---- but with a gorgeous bluebird day and no wind we decided to give it a shot. The views alone were pretty worth it - quite stunning up there.

Although "tall" the ropeway doesn't cover a lot of vertical so the runs aren't long. It had been
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Niseko Village Ski Resort
Niseko Town, Hokkaido
Submitted by rick on 11th February 2014
Spectacular views from Niseko
I was expecting to have a deep powder experience during my first ski trip to Hokkaido, but little snow fell during my 4 day visit. It's kind of ironic that Kanto got walloped while I was up north. Nevertheless, the snow was good and the weather mostly clear.

The scenery was great. Ezo Fuji is a gorgeous volcano and the plume of steam rising from Showa Unzen was clearly visible, as was the Sea of Japan.

The high speed triple
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