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NASPA Ski Garden
Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by andrewl on 27th February 2007
NASPA Ski Garden
I visited Naspa for the Chinese New Year Holidays with two young kids (age 3 and 5, my wife and a helper).

Great resort for a family since the slopes were literally behind the hotel building and were all very wide. There were plenty of ski intructors who could speak English and the whole place was just very family friendly and oriented (eg. play rooms, Pingu character coming out into the children ski slopes in the afternoon).

Although the resport is
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Kandatsu Kogen
Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by bryantp on 26th February 2007
Kandatsu Kogen
This is a sad place.

The crappy conditions made it sadder still. Snow was falling but too little - too late.

Still, even with good conditions, better places are nearby. It's not even a good place for first-time riders. The green runs start and end too steep for them but the "black runs" aren't even ambitious "reds".

After teaching some friends in the morning, I went to the top around 1 PM. There were no tracks under the lift -
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Akakura Onsen
Myoko City, Niigata
Submitted by airwalk on 14th February 2007
Akakura Onsen review by airwalk
This is my third year in a row and every time I go it has snowed, a lot! On Sunday it snowed all day non-stop. I bit wet and therefore heavy, but it was nice.

Best thing about this resort is the woods. Lots of nice runs through the woods, although once someone sees you go in, everyone else follows. Good food, the music is not blaring, and the trail map gives you the time it takes for all the lifts
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