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Akakura Kanko Resort
Myoko City, Niigata
Submitted by Black Mountain on 26th March 2009
Akakura Kanko Resort
I've been going to Akakan for quite a while now and am never disappointed with it. It seems that Myoko area has it's own micro-climate and tends to get more snow than neighbouring areas.

Generally, I think the terrain is not all that challenging and is best suited for beginner and intermediate levels. The bottom of the mountain, not unlike many other places, is usually crowded with beginners and doesn't offer much for those looking for some excitment.
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Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by andrewl on 25th March 2009
Kagura review by Tora
This was our first time to vist Kagura and we were up for a day trip from Tokyo which is easily possible if you take the early shinkansen. Be warned that if you go at the weekend you could find the shared changing facilities at Mitsumata base are cramped and queues build quickly for the lift passes and ski rental once the bus from Echigo Yuzawa arrives. I saw some rental shops just across the road from the car park
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Seki Onsen
Myoko City, Niigata
Submitted by Black Mountain on 20th March 2009
Seki Onsen review
Well, I'd been hoping to go to Seki Onsen for ages and finally got around to it last weekend. To say I was disappointed is a bit of an understatement. Actually, I still have 8 points left on a 12 point ticket which says a lot!

Seki Onsen is a tiny little village of a few pensions and restaurants within meters of the bottom lift of the ski resort. I think there are only 3 lifts there which
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