Resort Reviews from December 2007

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Shizukuishi Town, Iwate
Submitted by andrewl on 29th December 2007
Shizukuishi review by YoDude
Been here 4 times (Feb.) in last 4 years. Like most others, experienced great powder early, but really icy later in day-each of the 4 years.

The mens/womens downhill courses are nice and long, and lots of fun for average skiers, advanced will not have much of a challenge anywhere on Shizukuishi.

Stayed in hotel each year, great dinner buffets, nice onsen, typical business-style rooms. Facilities are okay, nothing spectacular. Nothing happens at night as
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Sapporo Bankei
ばんけいの森 さっぽろばんけい
Sapporo City, Hokkaido
Submitted by Shonan Kuma on 25th December 2007
Sapporo Bankei review by Shonan Kuma
I finally got my new skis and bindings all mounted up and decided go for a night ski.

So I headed up to Bankei (only 20 mins from my home).

The place was empty, and the view back to Sapporo was great. But that was about it.

I found the lift was too small (low) as I sat in the chair I had to be careful not to catch the chair on the back of the top of my boots.
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Iizuna Kogen
Nagano City, Nagano
Submitted by evosan on 25th December 2007
Iizuna Kogen review
A great place to go if you are short of time. Forget about going if the weather is warm and sunny as the snow becomes slushy quick. Best after fresh dumps!

Snow cover can be a bit light on too compared to other resorts. Weekends can be a little busy with family groups but not overly crowded.

Not much difficult terrain, considered best as a family resort.
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Aomori Spring Ski Resort
Ajigasawa Town, Aomori
Submitted by frankjg113 on 14th December 2007
Naqua Shirakami
Well I live but a short drive from Aji, so coming here beats anyday in my apartment.

Today seemed like a good day to just get out and mess around with my boards but as far as the snow conditions I would say that it wasnt the greatest.

Obviously this mountain needs a couple more days of snow to bring out its potential since alot of the runs were marked out with potential hazzards.

Other than that
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Hachimantai Town, Iwate
Submitted by andrewl on 14th December 2007
Appi Kogen review by Jay
Early season snowboarding at Appi is awesome.

Get there a little early and you'll get your moneys worth before you even take a break for lunch. Although the terrain park in not open and they don't have enough snow to build a halfpipe yet, there are plenty of natural jumps you can have fun with. I got there 30 minutes before the resort opened and we had the first chair up the mountain.

The chairs open
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Aomori City, Aomori
Submitted by andrewl on 13th December 2007
Hakkoda review by frank
Big snow dump the previous couple days made for some deep fresh powder, so deep and unpacked that it made for some hard snowboarding. Anytime you were to fall down meant another five minutes trying to roll out and attempt to stand up. But you cant hate on deep powder, made for a glorious day at the mountain
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Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by Pusher on 10th December 2007
Kagura review by Tubby Beaver
1st ride of the season in Kagura.

Resort was very busy but that was to be expected.

In the morning the snow was hard pack but as the sun came out it soften up by lunch.

Cant ride down to the carpark at the moment you have to come down by the gondola but it's still early...all in all we had a good day, the lines for the tickets and lifts moved along very smoothly and for being the 2nd of December it
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Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by andrewl on 10th December 2007
Naeba review by Tokyo Bob
Not enough snow with some parts of the piste deteriorating through the day even though the place was almost deserted. Since there were no queues at all I managed to get some decent practice in - the first day on my board since March 2006, so for me it was worth the trip.

This place seems to have potential and I loved some of the challenging parts but the patchiness of the snow on the piste won't have me rushing back
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