Resort Reviews from December 2013

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Kawaba Village, Gunma
Submitted by skybow on 30th December 2013
Small but variety
We headed up after some consistent snow in the previous night and day, so had a good base to play on for late December. It's close to Tokyo so an easy drive up, and is small yet has enough to keep a variety of levels entertained for a good half day or day, and parks for different levels
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Akakura Kanko Resort
Myoko City, Niigata
Submitted by YokotaODR on 27th December 2013
Akakura Kanko/Onsen
Overall this wasn't a bad resort. I really enjoy most of the runs offered. My only issue is that I bought a lift ticket for to ski the Kanko as well as the Onsen. Getting back to from the Onsen side to the Kanko side was a nightmare. The map provided at the top of the mountain was helpful to a certain point. The lack of signs directing us back to the Kanko side was a headache. Overall this isn't
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Hoshino Resorts Tomamu
星野リゾート トマム
Shimukappu Village, Hokkaido
Submitted by aaronjapan23 on 23rd December 2013
Fifth year in a row with our family!!!
This will be our fifth year in a row to Tomamu. First time we went, our son a daughter(twins) were 3 years old. what a wonderful place for families it is. my kids fell in love right away. we were able to teach them to ski and board in the kids park. then on the last day took them snowmobiling. we live in okinawa so needless to say, not much snow here. just by going to Tomamu once a year
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Kusatsu Onsen
Kusatsu Town, Gunma
Submitted by onehunga on 20th December 2013
Two Resorts in One
Kusatsu is based around one long run, halfway down is the lower Gondola base and upper car park. This splits the resort into two, more experienced skiers/boarders may want to stick to the top half, although the run down from top to bottom is a lot of fun.
To get up the mountain it is necessary to either drive to the lower Gondola base then take the gondola, or take two lifts (nice little downhill in between) then the gondola.
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Tateyama Sanroku
Toyama City, Toyama
Submitted by napoliab on 16th December 2013
Good Skiing Mid-January On
Looks like the first review was actually of a backcountry spot. Since this resorts only 40 min. away from me, I thought I'd put up a review.
The actual resort has several free parking lots and no rope tows. Your lift pass actually gets you up three connected mountains. The middle mountain, Gokurakuzaka, has some good tree skiing off the main lift, and it's mostly untouched by the local skiiers. You can either hike up (15 min) off the top lift
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Ski Jam Katsuyama
Katsuyama City, Fukui
Submitted by Kansaiash on 11th December 2013
Powder fun times!!!
Weather wise this day would have to be one the strangest days I have experienced on the snow ever. The night before and early morning had snow, around 9am the sun started to break through the clouds and we had a couple of hours of sunshine. Around lunch the clouds came back and so did the snow. At times the clouds were low making visibility very bad and the snow was very heavy at times. I got completely covered in
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