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Nozawa Onsen
Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano
Submitted by andrewl on 28th February 2010
Nozawa Onsen review by sake demons
Four days of really mixed weather.

Tropical conditions last Thursday, rain Friday, soft snow Saturday then Sunday, a nice morning of new snow. Crazy.

Given the poor weather, today gave me good reason to hand out a few nice comments. Having been warned about the weekend crowds in Japan I was surprised to see how well this resort handled it.

While areas were crowded there seemed always to be places to escape. At 10am still managed to put some esses in
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Hachi Kita Kogen
Kami Town, Hyogo
Submitted by andrewl on 25th February 2010
Hachi Kita Kogen resort review by ImAndroo
Hachi Kita is sort of the default boarding destination for folks living in northern Hyogo, due to its fairly central location (when compared to places like Ojiro or Kannabe), variety of difficulties, and size. Having Hachi Kougen included in the lift ticket allows park boarders access to that side of the mountain as well, even if it is kind of time-consuming to get over there from the bottom.

I basically learned to snowboard on Hachi Kita, so I've been over most
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Niseko Village Ski Resort
Niseko Town, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 24th February 2010
Niseko Village Ski Resort review by James McLean
This past trip was my third trip in as many years. The snow is very dry and deep and consistent. Skiing at Christmas (early season) is a bit of a gamble but I would put my money on Niseko over any other place in the world to have good snow at that time of year. This year was especially awesome, with already about a 2 meter base in the village, and fresh snow almost every day.

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Chokai Kogen Yashima
鳥海高原 矢島
Yurihonjo City, Akita
Submitted by andrewl on 24th February 2010
Chokai Kogen Yashima review
This ski jo is nearby, so for what it is, I love it. Night ski is solid, pretty much the whole ski jo is lit up. After a fresh dumping, you can find some pretty nice powder stretches, but they are all pretty short.

Either way, its a great ski jo to hit after work during the week, and is also great for new riders learning, or seasoned riders who want to dial in their skills.
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Niseko Village Ski Resort
Niseko Town, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 24th February 2010
Niseko Village Ski Resort review by James McLean
There were eight adults in our group from Australia. We chose to stay in comfortable apartment-style accommodation (Casi67). We have all skied previously in Australia, NZ, Canada, USA, Austria, Poland and Switzerland. This was our first trip to Japan.

The instructions for transfers were accurate and easy to follow. The transfer to Casi67 was prompt and straightforward. On arrival we felt welcomed and the apartment was immaculate. The property is new and comfortable with all amenities. The towels and sheets were
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Hiraniwa Kogen
Kuji Town, Iwate
Submitted by andrewl on 20th February 2010
Hiraniwa Kogen review by Lizzy
We usually go to Okunakayama because my husband has just started boarding. I was getting a little tired of the lack of variety there so we decided to check out a new place this weekend. It was great! Not crowded, lots of lifts and little jumps and a good variety of runs.

It seems like a local place as lots of the people had season passes (20,000yen). There was a trick park set up too. Cheap, half day was
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Sonei Kunohe
Kunohe Village, Iwate
Submitted by marku on 16th February 2010
Sonei Kunohe review
A nice small beginners slope around 45 mins drive make it the closest slope to Hachinohe.

For some reason they only had one of the two lifts open so you couldn't get right to the top. There was also one rope tow on the beginners slope.

I'd recommend this place as a cheap day out for the family or for taking some beginners.

Very easy to get to just off the expressway.
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Hoshino Resorts Tomamu
星野リゾート トマム
Shimukappu Village, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 15th February 2010
Hoshino Resort Tomamu by picnicboy
We arrived at Shin Chitose to find that we were the only people booked on the coach. Great, a 50 seater coach to ourselves. The journey to the resort was enjoyable.

For a 5-star, resort, it is a typical 5-star resort with facilties galore. There is EVERYTHING you would ever want for a ski holiday within the reoort. Heli, cat, snowmobile, Egnlish speaking guide/instructors, kid's park, kid's school, creche, ice rink, heated indoor swimming pool, ice hotel,
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Hoshino Resorts Tomamu
星野リゾート トマム
Shimukappu Village, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 15th February 2010
Tomamu review by picnicboy
We arrived at lunchtime, checked straight in and were on the chairs straight after. If you stay in the Tower or the Galleria there are lifts outside the buildings. If you are in any of the other accomomodation you will probably probably need to use the free shuttle buses that come every 15 mins. The resort is very spread out. There were very few european people there, we only met 1 American and one Australian family in
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Osaki City, Miyagi
Submitted by andrewl on 14th February 2010
Onikoube review by Sang
I've been to Onikoube fours times so far in the 2010 season and the conditions varied each time. The first time was decent with a nice amount of snow and only intermittent ice patches. The second time was extremely snowy and had frequent whiteouts. The third and fourth time was very icy, which meant pain during every fall.

The resort itself is on the small side, but it's cheap and a one day pass comes with a 1,000 yen food voucher
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Megahira Onsen Megahira
Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima
Submitted by andrewl on 11th February 2010
Megahira Onsen Megahira review by Justin
We started our weekend here, if your new then give up the idea of the bunny slope as it is too packed with parents guiding there little one's right in front of you. from the mid mountain is a good place to shake off the rust. but your guarenteed to dodge people sitting in the middle of the run or going the hole run side ways more than youd ever have to dodge a tree in the wild. This gets
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Geto Kogen
Kitakami Town, Iwate
Submitted by andrewl on 10th February 2010
Geto Kogen review by luv_u
The powder is amazing on snowy days.

During the days I visited, the wind was awful and it kicked up the powder throughout the whole mountain. It was impossible to see any defining features of the snow. The visibility was so bad, I couldn't distinguish between up, down, right or left. At times, I couldn't tell if I was moving or at a stop, which nearly led me off the run an into hard tree trunks. The weather made for
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Zao Onsen
Yamagata City, Yamagata
Submitted by andrewl on 9th February 2010
Zao Onsen review by Age
We arrived in Zao at lunchtime on Saturday, and the weather was terrible. 50km/hr winds and blizzard conditions. Many lifts were closed, however there were still some hardy souls braving the element and having some fun. We had 2 runs until our goggles iced over, and we retired to one of Zao's famous onsens.

Sunday, although still windy, the upper runs were covered in cloud with limited visibility but the lower runs were plentiful and provided us
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Karuizawa Prince Hotel
Karuizawa Town, Nagano
Submitted by maninjapan on 8th February 2010
Karuizawa Prince Hotel review
Have you ever cheated on your partner?

That's how I felt today - I normally go to the yuzawa area as am most comfortable with it. Know where to go, which places have the best conditions, etc. But thought this season I should try some other places, and this came up on the JR site, 7500 for shinkansen and lift pass. But something felt wrong.

Wow! Cheap!

Now I know why.

I managed to get up for 1st tracks, only to find the bottom
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Hakuba Happo-one
Hakuba Village, Nagano
Submitted by andrewl on 6th February 2010
Happo-one review by paul
We spent 8 days in Wandano early January. We were pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. The information we could get prior to coming was sparse. The whole valley really needs to ramp up the information that is available. We had no idea where our accomodation was or what the general area looked like. We stayed at the Pheonix apartments which were sensational, for anyone thinking of something special, make sure they are on your shortlist.

The skiing was very
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