Resort Reviews from March 2006

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Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by bryantp on 28th March 2006
Naeba review by bryantp
Just an update: the snowboard park at Naeba is very cool.

Still, the crowds and the loud music provide good reasons to get over to Kagura but the Park is too much fun
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Kamui Misaka
Fuefuki City, Yamanashi
Submitted by mattintokyo on 26th March 2006
Kamui Misaka review by 3da5snow
Only go if it’s all you can afford, and because it is very close to tokyo...but Karuizawa will be a better option
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Kamui Misaka
Fuefuki City, Yamanashi
Submitted by 3da5snow on 26th March 2006
Kamui Misaka review
As far as I know, Kamui is a chain sports facility/shop that has various artificial slopes throughout Japan. Misaka is no exception. Nestled in the bosom of low mountains/hills in Yamanashi, it's pretty much an artificial slope placed outdoors. Right next to the ski field there is said to be an indoor half-pipe, which I didn't know existed until I was on the bus heading home.

In early March, the artificial snow was barely holding and
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Rusutsu Resort
Rusutsu Village, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 22nd March 2006
Rusutsu Resort review by airwalk
The snow kept coming and coming.

The top of East Mt. & Isora were super windy most of the times to the point of a white out. East Mt. is nothing but powder on top of ice it was so windy over there. Isora however, was amazing. Was on the trails for a few runs, then the rest of the weekend, only the woods. I have never had so many "first tracks" throughout all the wooded areas. It was more
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Joetsu Kokusai
Minamiuonuma City, Niigata
Submitted by Candlegravity on 19th March 2006
Joetsu Kokusai review by candlegravity
I give this resort a 3 star rating because it does exceed in making you feel comfortable and the overall mood of the resort is relaxed.

The boarding isn't bad and they have a few kickers and stuff to play with on the sides in spots. Having said that, be prepared to wait forever on the lifts! Felt like I could've gotten out and walked up the hill faster. Additionally, the lifts are poorly laid out.
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Hunter Mountain Shiobara
Nasu Shiobara City, Tochigi
Submitted by andrewl on 18th March 2006
Hunter Mountain review by loki
1st Bizzarely everything is signposted in English with some kind of New York theme.

It was pretty icy but well groomed so no moguls or sudden bumps. Most of the banks at the edge of the courses have been made inaccessible so no real interesting terrain to speak of.

As we were leaving about 5pm it started snowing so should be a bit of fresh stuff tomorrow. but...

Imagining this field with 10-20cm of new powder I wouldn't think you'd make it
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Nozawa Onsen
Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano
Submitted by andrewl on 16th March 2006
Nozawa Onsen review by Todd Grant
The perfect day to ski at the perfect resort.

The peak area has multiple tree/reasonably steep areas that are open but ungroomed and superb after a fresh snowfall.

During the week there is rarely a crowd
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Furano City, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 16th March 2006
Furano review by Andrew
I don't know if Furano has recently changed but I found heaps of piste powder courses.

There were also lots of tree runs and powder areas that were off piste and accessable.

I didn't have to duck ropes to get fresh tracks.

I thought the resort is good and has some nice steep sections.

I was never hassled by the ski patrol and only saw them once or twice.

This is a great resort after
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Rusutsu Resort
Rusutsu Village, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 16th March 2006
Rusutsu Resort review by number9
Fantastic resort, my favourite in Japan now.

The mountain's big with nice wide long runs. It's an hour away from Niseko, so it gets similar light dry fluffy powder, but without the crowds of powder hounds tracking everything in sight. Off piste mostly exit nicely back onto courses, Mt.Isola's an awesome wide open playground. We had crap snow the first two days, but the powder heaven on the last day made up for everything and more. The runs connect nicely so
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Asahidake Ropeway
Higashigawa Town, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 13th March 2006
Asahidake Ropeway review by Simon
A friendly low key resort suitable for experienced skiers who like powderwhich is great if there isnt much wind.

The terrain is extremely varied from steep to flat- there are 2 groomed roads to get your bearings
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Furano City, Hokkaido
Submitted by andrewl on 13th March 2006
Furano review by Simon
As others have stated Furano is a great resort for piste skiing with immaculate grooming and long runs.

It is not flat like much of Niseko.

The great powder is often ruined by excessive grooming.

However much of the terrain is roped off for no apparent reason except to entertain the ski patrol in their cat + mouse game.

Many duck the ropes but why should you have to
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Hida Kawai
Hida City, Gifu
Submitted by andrewl on 12th March 2006
Hida Kawai review
I think this is quite a good field.

There are some good runs, and the fact that it is fairly local and uncrowded.

Also, they only play reggae music. I had a good time here today..
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Kurumayama Kogen SKYPARK
Chino City, Nagano
Submitted by andrewl on 6th March 2006
Kurumayama Kogen review by Woollyman
Whipped up to Kurumayama last Friday, was expecting shite after all the rain but was pleasently surprised. At first hard and fast, then sunny and getting a bit softer, good view of Fuji, then started snowing so nice pow on a solid base.

I was not expecting much after reading my fellow Kiwi's review below, but it was really pretty good.

Got a park close to the base, some guy offered us discount coupons for the lift pass - Y3000!

Never waited
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Charmant Hiuchi
Itoigawa City, Niigata
Submitted by alex herbert on 6th March 2006
Charmant Hiuchi review
Charmant is an awsome ski area.

Loads of snow and friendly staff, great lifts and imaculate grooming. Good terrain park and amazing back country. Views of the ocean and volcanoes, cornices and windlips but no cliffs. Maybe they are buried under the 25ft snow pack.

I'm going back as soon as possible, I loved it
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Oku Ibuki
Maibara City, Shiga
Submitted by andrewl on 6th March 2006
Oku Ibuki review by Si
I shouldn't complain, cos from Osaka, it's 2 hours by car and you can satisfy the hankering for piste love.

Early morning I thought that a set of skates would have been more suited, but as the March sun gained strength, ice quickly became soft and slushy affording more control and softer bumps.

There are many beginners and kids, so making your way to the bottom can become a giant slalom where the flags move to keep you on yer edges(or off).

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