Resort Reviews from May 2005

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Shizukuishi Town, Iwate
Submitted by uggggllllyyyy on 2nd May 2005
Shizukuishi review by UGGGGLLLYYY
Completely a midweek course. When I arrived weds I thought the hotel/slopes were closed cos it was that empty. Picks up on the w/e but still not as busy as Niigata/Nagano.

When snowing they dont use the snowcats and there is powder/fluffy stuff everywhere. However, a little bit of sun and they snowcat everything which then turns to sheet ice becos it's so cold. NANDE YO???

Despite this and the appearance of brown patches on the slopes in JAN!! where they had
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Tateyama Sanroku
Toyama City, Toyama
Submitted by Toque on 2nd May 2005
Tateyama Sanroku review
This ski hill is located on the Murodo Plain in the Tateyama area.

To get to it you have to either come from Nagano or Toyama Prefectures. It is expensive coming from either side although much cheaper from Toyama. Just over 4000 yen round trip. Private vehicles are not permitted. The lift serviced vertical is about 100 metres and is serviced by a difficult rope tow. Painful for skiers and difficult for snowboarders.

I personally wouldn't pay to ski at
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