Resort Reviews from November 2006

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Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park
Hakuba Village, Nagano
Submitted by andrewl on 25th November 2006
Hakuba 47 review
Had a few teething problems (even though between the three of us we have over 15 years of experience living in Japan) mainly with what type of pass to get. No help at all from the ticket staff. They wanted to charge us 4000 yen each for an hour on the slopes! The Happy 7 pass gives you access to 7 resorts but you're stuck at 1 resort for a whole day.

Anyway...real nice vibe to the place
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Winghills Shirotori Resort
Gujo City, Gifu
Submitted by Mike44 on 25th November 2006
Winghills Shirotori Resort review by Mike44
April type snow conditions in February!

Season started with a bang with all that lovely powder and is about to end very soon I think - get there while you can ! Just do it
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Daisen White Resort
Daisen Town, Tottori
Submitted by andrewl on 24th November 2006
Daisen White Resort review by ger
Daisen is the most popular destination from Kochi and other parts of Shikoku but I would like to warn against visiting Daisen, especially since there are respectable resorts in Northern Hyogo about the same distance away.

There is no advanced terrain, the layout of the lifts is terrible and the hills are crowded.

Strangely, bus tours from Kochi to Daisen are always full but tours to other places are often cancelled because of lack of interest.

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Tenzan Resort
Saga City, Saga
Submitted by andrewl on 8th November 2006
Tenzan Resort review
OK spot if you live in Saga or Nagasaki.

Fukuoka has better access to other resorts by means of train, bus, or plane.

There was hardly any snow on this hillside during my visit
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Mt Norikura Snow Resort
Matsumoto City, Nagano
Submitted by andrewl on 5th November 2006
Mt Norikura
We stayed 2 nights during the week.

Quality of snow is one of the best in Japan and great place to learn board, too.

We want to make a another stay in February there again
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