Mount Racey resort review (Yubari City, Hokkaido)

Mount Racey
Yubari City, Hokkaido
Submitted by aleuki on 6th February 2005
Mount Racey review by akeuki
It has been my first skiing experience in Japan and I am impressed. Yubari was recommended to us by one of the our ski club instructors in New Zealand. First of all, getting to the resort from CTS airport was not a problem at all. Bus trip took around 1hrs 20 min and was comfortable. We stayed in Shuparo hotel which is 3 min away from the ski field (shuttle bus ; walking takes around 10 min). Hotel breakfast was of good quality and was a mixture of Japanese and Western styles. Our hotel room (+TV & fridge) was not very big, but that is a traditional Japanese size and we got used to it quite quickly.

My son (14 years old) came there in the middle of December for a 6-week ski racing training course with Mount Racey Team. The results surpassed all my expectations. He received professional quality of training and was treated really nicely by everyone. If you want your kids to take up ski racing, I can definetely recommend Mount Racey Ski Racing Team.

Skiing in Mt Racey is well organized. It is not a busy place at all. No lines during weekdays and we had to queue maximum 5 min on the weekends. Although the ski field is relatively small, it boasts the steepest run in Hokkaido (43 degrees). Safety was not a big issue as well. Overwhelming majority of skiers and snowboarders were respectful and polite and kept safe separation from each other. I have skied in various parts of the world before (Switzerland, France, Finland, Italy, S.Korea, Canada and New Zealand) and have to say that skiing in Yubari has been one of the most enjoyable experience in my life. It is a hassle free environment with excellent snow conditions, very polite and friendly staff and good quality ski lifting facilities.

For my girlfriend it was the very first time she took to the slopes and Yubari proved to be a good place for beginners. I hope this positive experience will lead to a life long love affair with skiing. What I like about Mt Racey is that one could find a slope (although not very long) which suits their own level of skiing.

I can not really make comments about apres ski as I am not into things like that and we were quite tired by the end of the day anyway, but do not expect to dine in Zermatt style restaurants there.

I feel that Yubari best suits people who want to have tranquil, peaceful and relaxing skiing holiday within the realm of their own family. And we are definitely coming back next season...
Date visited: From 11 January, 2005 To 23 January, 2005
Snow condition on visit: Fresh dry powder most of the time
Things I liked: Not a busy place even on the weekends, great for family, excellent for kids ski racing training, very friendly and polite staff
Things I didn't like: Relatively small and remote place, but was not a problem for me personally

Mount Racey

Yubari City, Hokkaido
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Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 702m
Min. elevation: 298m
Vertical: 404m
Steepest slope: 45°
Longest course: 3500m
Number of lifts: 5

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