Edelweiss Ski Resort resort review (Nikko City, Tochigi)

Edelweiss Ski Resort
Nikko City, Tochigi
Submitted by Metabo Oyaji on 4th March 2011
Edelweiss Ski Resort review
Edelweiss is on the Momiji Line between Kinugawa and Shiobara, just south of Hunter Mountain. There used to be a couple more ski areas neighboring to the south of it; they closed down and were dismantled a few years ago, though their remains can still be seen on google earth.

We went in January 2009, on a sunny but rather windy day. As a result, most of the lower slopes were a real chore to get around -- when the winds picked up, everyone ended up huddled over, looking like refugees. When the wind was not howling so bad, there was a range of novice, intermediate and expert slopes available, and also a mogul bahn.

One notable feature of the ski area is that they have a dog run! In fact, this was one of the original draws for us, along with the free parking. After playing Dr. Zhivago on the lower and middle slopes in the morning, we let the dog get some exercise at the dog run. More ski areas should have such a feature.

In the afternoon, we made our way up to the upper romance pair lift at the top of the resort, the Kareki pair lift. The runs served by this lift are shielded from the wind, and apparently collect their best powder snow, according to their course map. This was a very pleasant little area to hang out for the afternoon, so that is what we did. There is a restaurant near the base of the Kareki lift, good for warming up without having to brave the gale-force winds back to the base area. One of the chairs on the Kareki pair lift has a bell mounted on it over the passengers' heads. Ringing this bell is supposed to bring happiness to any couple that manages to sit on this chair. Good quality packed powder for family skiing there. (But, no safety bars on the lift.)

Overall, Edelweiss seemed a fairly friendly place, catering to families and their pets. A bit smaller than their neighbor to the North, Hunter Mountain, but with perhaps a bit more character.

Just don't go on a windy day.
Date visited: From January, 2009
Snow condition on visit: Packed powder
Things I liked: Free parking, dog run
Things I didn't like: Very windy that day

Edelweiss Ski Resort

Nikko City, Tochigi
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Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1480m
Min. elevation: 1200m
Vertical: 280m
Steepest slope: 31°
Longest course: 2000m
Number of lifts: 5

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