GALA Yuzawa resort review (Yuzawa Town, Niigata)

GALA Yuzawa
Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by Snowbladesenior on 6th March 2017
Shinkansen -ski
First let me say, from the moment you exit the Shinkansen and walk into the Gala Yuzawa information area, you are in the hands of people who really want to help everyone they meet.

There is no question too small or unrelated that will not be considered and they will attempt to help you.

Also, they have thought about how best to help visitors from allowing you to store your empty suitcases for free behind the counter after you have emptied your stuff into a pay locker of your choice of size for 1000 yen a day to helping you head in the correct direction and start you on your skis.

The trip up to the resort piste area is amazing and for me, sort of overwhelming but they understand and they slow down the gondola enough for the elderly or clumsy. My only real upset was on the way up they put your long skis on the outside and our man dropped my daughter's skis, did not check to make sure it had not been damaged and did not apologize, which is almost unheard of anywhere. I dont know why but he was a one off grump I think.

It took so long for us to get settled in that we didnt get to ski as many runs as we had wanted and were pretty tired out by the time the ski slopes closed but that is because we needed to plan better. I am sure next time it will be much easier for us.

The snow was nice. The runs were more narrow than I had expected which is hard for me but my daughter loved it. They tell you to have a partner which is almost impossible if you come with someone who skis at a different level to you.

They have a small jumps and tricks area so that is good for the adventurous.

We recommend this resort especially for those who get the one day special offered on the JR Shinkansen page.
Date visited: From 01 March, 2017 To 02 March, 2017
Snow condition on visit: Packed.
Things I liked: Helpfulness, lifts, snow, lockers, free poles
Things I didn't like: Narrowness of the piste.
Recommended for: Beginner riders
Intermediate riders
Advanced riders
General score: 80
Snow conditions: 80
Courses/Terrain: 80
Lift system: 85

GALA Yuzawa

Yuzawa Town, Niigata
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Average Rankings

General score: 78
Snow conditions: 78
Courses/Terrain: 75
Lift system: 73
Apres ski: 40

Basic Resort Statistics

Max. elevation: 1181m
Min. elevation: 800m
Vertical: 381m
Steepest slope: 33°
Longest course: 2600m
Number of lifts: 11

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