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White Valley
Minakami Town, Gunma
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 3rd March 2015
Ungroomed Powder Fun!

White Valley is a small, local hill in Tanigawa Onsen (hot spring) in Minakami. It is known by many of the locals as “Little Tenjin” in reference to the larger and more famous Tanigawa Tenjindaira located just above White Valley. Besides it’s location, White Valley and Tenjin have a number of other similarities. Both get a lot of fresh powder and both have nice ungroomed walls. In fact the majority of White Valley is ungroomed which is their major selling
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Minakami Hodaigi
Minakami Town, Gunma
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 29th January 2015
A nice hill off the beaten path.

Houdaigi is a ski hill in the north of Minakami just under 20 km from Minakami IC (highway exit). It offers some nice courses for riders of all levels and due to it’s location it consistently gets good powder snow during the winter months. It is located on the northwestern slopes of Gunma’s Mt. Hotaka and due to this orientation the snow is less effected by sun than other hills in the area. I would consider Houdaigi
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Ryuoo Ski Park
Yamanouchi Town, Nagano
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 22nd December 2014
Ryuoo - Beautiful views and great riding for all levels!
Ryuoo is a great skijo with amazing terrain for riders of all levels. It is located between Shiga Kogen and Nozawa Onsen, but seems much less popular especially with international riders. For the beginner rider the “Sky Land” area offers some of the best easy high elevation terrain that I have ever seen. The views are amazing and the terrain is diverse enough for beginner and intermediate riders to have a great day and if conditions permit, even experience that
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Akakura Kanko Resort
Myoko City, Niigata
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 8th May 2014
Nice views and desent spring coverage.
This review is for the last day of the season at Akakura and doesn't reflect on how it may be mid season.

I had a good day. It was May 6th and I was able to snowboard after staying the night at a wonderful hot spring hotel in neighboring Seki Onsen. The views of Mt. Myoko from both the bottom of the gondola and during the begging of the ride up were beautiful and made the trip worth it by
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Muica Snow Resort
ムイカ スノーリゾート
Minamiuonuma City, Niigata
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 7th April 2014
A good place for families and beginners.
I'll start with the positive. Muikamachi Ski Resort is a good place to bring the family. It has enough going on for kids that don't ride to be entertained all day. They have a nice kids room with a Super Famicom (American name is Super Nintendo) as well as a ball pit and lots of toys. Down the hall from this room is an onsen (hot spring) bath to get clean after riding or just to relax in for the
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Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 5th March 2014
Great snow, nice variety and some great off-piste and BC!
Of the skijos in Japan I have been to Kagura is definitely one of my favorites. I heard it described once on this website as “a bunch of lifts going up a mountain” and this description seems fitting to me. Due to its location, it gets consistent good powder snow all winter long and due to how open things are, you can even find fresh powder runs later in the day. Kagura also offers a great variety of courses for
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Ryuoo Ski Park
Yamanouchi Town, Nagano
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 5th March 2014
A high elevation skijo with a little something for everyone!
Ryuoo is a very nice skijo with lots of riding options for all levels and styles. There are some very nice beginner and intermediate runs at the top of the skijo above the gondola which offer great views and beautiful scenery as well as high elevation snow for less experienced riders. There is an amazing wall which offers steep ungroomed runs and nice tree lines for the advanced riders as well as a variety of park features of varying difficulty
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Madarao Mountain Resort
Iiyama City, Nagano
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 4th March 2014
Really nice tree runs intended, by Madarao, to be ridden!
For me the defining feature of Madarao would have to be its tree runs.

Though many skijos have nice off-piste opportunities, Madarao offers tree runs intended by the skijo to be ridden! From the short but sweat "Usagi" course to the much longer "Powder Wave 1 and 2" and "Powder Theater" there are seven tree courses for riders to explore. The trees in these areas are for the most part very well spaced and some of the easier spots make
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White World Oze Iwakura
Katashina Village, Gunma
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 25th February 2014
A nice resort not yet discovered by the international crowd
White World Oze Iwakura is a nice ski resort which is popular with Japanese people but not yet discovered by the overseas crowd.

It is a good sized hill with a lot of variety. Though the bottom of the hill is flat enough for beginners, I would say Iwakura is more of an intermediate to advanced skijo. Though I am a snowboarder and have had some great days there I would say Iwakura caters more to skiers especially the mogul
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Kawaba Village, Gunma
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 10th February 2014
Dry Powder, Amazing views and easy to get to!
In the whole world Kawaba is the skijo I have spent the most amount of time at.

I keep going back because I like almost everything about it! First, it is very easy to get to from not only my house but is also probably the closest good skijo from Tokyo by car. A shuttle bus also runs from Numata station if you are taking the train. This option will take slightly longer than the Yuzawa resorts but is less
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Yuzawa Nakazato Snow Resort
Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 3rd February 2014
Small but pleasant, convenient and family friendly!
Yuzawa Nakazato was a more interesting skijo than I was expecting. From the information on SnowJapan it just seems kind of small. Though it isn't a big skijo by any means, there were some things about it that I liked.

First and foremost it is a great place to bring a family! Nakazato uses a couple of old trains as resting rooms one of which overlooks a nice sledding hill. There were places to relax and eat along with an
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Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by Gunma Boarder on 21st January 2014
Naeba: It's pretty big!
Naeba, like I said in the title, is big.

The bottom of the resort is very open and the runs are big. The Prince Hotel is reallllly big. There are many restaurants and shops. There are two gondolas not counting the longest gondola in Japan the "Dragondola" which connects Naeba with neighboring Kagura. It has that big ski resort feel.

I think Naeba is a great place to bring a family; they have daycare, there is a kids room they
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