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Shirakaba 2in1
Tateshina Town, Nagano
Submitted by aaronward on 22nd January 2005
Shirakaba 2 in 1 review by aaronward
I had a great time at Shirakaba with a group of students and their "circle" of skiers and snowboarders. At the time, I had very little experience skiing, so the short length of the gentle slopes was a very nice practice ground for me to go slow, fall and learn how to ski.

For those of us in western Kanto(I'm in Yamanashi), the Shirakaba area is an easy day trip. We met at Kofu-Showa I.C. at 6am, and by 8:30am, we
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Grandeco Snow Resort
Kita Shiobara Village, Fukushima
Submitted by aaronward on 12th January 2005
Grandeco Snow Resort review by aaronward
Well, what ski area on Honshu wasn't having snow problems around the new year?

Still, that aside, the lack of snow making machines really surprised me. For the price, Gran Deco is not bad. Even for such a busy time as Jan. 2, there were only three people at the ticket counter, and the line snaked its way out the door all the way to the parking lot tunnel.

The lifts were somewhat convenient at the base, but better on the
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Grandeco Snow Resort
Shirakaba 2in1