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Adatara Kogen
Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima
Submitted by denham v8 on 11th September 2008
Adatara Kogen review by denham v8
Adatara is a great little ski resort - I highly recomend it!

The groomed courses were really icy both times I have been there, thankfully there is not much of a board park as falling over really hurts, I still have a sore neck from a small fall on a small jump, but if you cut under the gondola there is an awesome face (on the left on the way up) that has plenty of potential for some off piste.
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Inawashiro Town, Fukushima
Submitted by denham v8 on 25th May 2004
Inawashiro review by denham v8
Basically the resort is good and pretty fun. The terrain covers a lot of area so between the runs there are many possible chances to get some great off piste. The lifties and ski patrols though are strict, so make sure to have a look around before you go into the trees. There was a short section of off-piste on the ridge that runs parallel to the single chairlift at the top of Inawashiro ski resort (I can't
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Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park
Hakuba Village, Nagano
Submitted by denham v8 on 25th May 2004
Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park review by denham v8
Great resort, I had a really good time here. No complaints at all.

Lots of off-piste, especially under the main gondala through the valley there were big wide steep tree runs, fresh tracks all day. Watch out for the lifties though as they will clip your ticket.

The board park is good too - big hits and some dudes were just going nuts, so good to watch.

Fantastic resort
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Ryuoo Ski Park
Yamanouchi Town, Nagano
Submitted by denham v8 on 25th May 2004
Ryuoo Ski Park review by denham v8
Kita Shiga is a fun little resort. We were quiet lucky 2 days of non-stop dumping, most of the hotels are beside the bottom runs which is convienient.

The highlight is the run from the top of the gondala - great fun with so many possibilities for off-piste, and steep as well. If you get up there and are up to it hang a right (if your looking at the resort from the map) at the top and ski
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Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort
Tenei Village, Fukushima
Submitted by denham v8 on 24th February 2004
Grandee Hatoriki Ski Resort review by denham v8
Hatoriko is an ok resort if you only have one day up your sleeve and are only a beginner to intermediate level. The mountain has some quiet long runs around 3.5kms, but unfortunately it's quiet flat, so there is not much of a challenge.

After big dumps this place really does suck as there isn't enough gradient to really get you going. The snow park lacks any imagination - it's impossible to access the rails, as they are put off
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Aizu Kogen Takatsue
Minami Aizu Town, Fukushima
Submitted by denham v8 on 23rd February 2004
Aizu Kogen Takatsue review by denham v8
If you're a boarder, stay away from this place - it is really flat so if there is a lot of powder you're in trouble, and the top lift is closed to boarders as they reackon it's too narrow at the top so boarders would have trouble. Pretty stupid if you ask me, although if your a skier it would be relly nice - no boarders to bother you, plus it looks fairly step and challenging.

There is a
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Zao Onsen
Yamagata City, Yamagata
Submitted by denham v8 on 23rd February 2004
Zao Onsen review by denham v8
Very big resort, with lots of chance for some decent off piste.

Just have a look around, avoid the top if you're a boarder as it's really flat and a pain in the arse to get around strapping in and out all the time. If you are there one little secret that's worth checking out is, there is an onsen under the brige that you can see from the bottom gondola on the left hand side of the
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Niseko Mountain Resort Grand Hirafu
Kutchan Town, Hokkaido
Submitted by denham v8 on 23rd February 2004
Niseko Grand Hirafu review by denham v8
No words to describe this place!

Go there, you won't regret it!

If you are a beginer it probably is a hard place to learn as its very steep!

I recommend not to buy a ticket for the whole mountain, but only just for Hirafu as there is enough terrain there to keep you entertained for ages
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Yuzawa Park
Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by denham v8 on 15th February 2004
Yuzawa Park review by denmam
Overall I had fun here, the snow park was great fun - 2 rails and 3 jumps all laid out so you could hit them all. Not much in the off piste area except if you hike up the mountain from the top lifts it's possible to get a short and gnarly run in before you have to worm your way through the trees.

There are a lot of beginers here, and also it's a really great deal as from
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