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Hunter Mountain Shiobara
Nasu Shiobara City, Tochigi
Submitted by dentist on 29th January 2008
Hunter Mountain Shiobara review
We left Tokyo around 4am and selected the best route (cost effective), and arrived at Hunter around 10am.

The parking could be free for such a resort but it wasn't. We rented carving sets at around 2000 each for our guests from a local store on the way. It was snowing whole day, so we could not make the best of our day, however it was not too bad as long as we could climb to the upper parts.
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GALA Yuzawa
Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by dentist on 24th March 2005
GALA Yuzawa review by dentist
The resort was nice itself, but the long lines on the bottom were annoying. I recommend you to get a full ticket and ascend as high as possible and enjoy there. Some of the slopes were narrow and icy.

We wasted one hour and half to get a table to sit for lunch.

Also another hour to get out of the narrow parking alleys to the main road. I will never understand why Japanese make such narrow alleys even where they have
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