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Madarao Mountain Resort
Iiyama City, Nagano
Submitted by oblong on 1st January 2015
Fantastic snow and a good compact place
Madarao is a fine place.

Easy to get too as well from Nagano and nicely placed kind of between Myoko and Nozawa, not far from Shiga Kogen either. All in all it's a great region to be in and you could spend a long time exploring.

So back to Madarao. The snow was awesome when we were there but it was quite busy. I suppose the same two things were likely seen at all nearby resorts as well.

But I
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Aomori Spring Ski Resort
Ajigasawa Town, Aomori
Submitted by oblong on 1st January 2015
OK, nothing special
Someone seems to be giving it high scores, but I didn't get that.
It was ok, just nothing special. It will be a good place if you are in the region, but not a place you'll be spending time to get to.
I would prefer Tazawako in the same kind of general area
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Yuzawa Town, Niigata
Submitted by oblong on 9th December 2014
First turns at Kagura (8th December 2014)
I have been to Kagura before but this was the first time I have been early season.

Was planning to go since last week and a bit worried about the snow conditions, but very pleased to hear about the heavy snow in the region over the weekend.

And even more pleased to arrive in a very snowy looking Yuzawa - complete with clear blue skies. Looked like there had been a fair dumpage of snow but the snow clouds had moved
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