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Madarao Mountain Resort
Iiyama City, Nagano
Submitted by iiyamadude on 21st July 2018
Getting to be very popular
Madarao isn't the biggest ski-jo out there, so you might be surprised to see at just how popular it is becoming with the 'inbound' crowd.

The last few years have seen a noticeable increase in the number of foreigners out there and more than a few old accommodations being bought up by overseas money. From what I hear, that has only increased this year.

Madarao is one of my locals and I do like it and always have. The resort itself
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Hakuba Happo-one
Hakuba Village, Nagano
Submitted by griller on 1st July 2018
A good season
I visited Happo-one three times this last 17-18 season.

Timing was good on each with at least good conditions from base to top.

Lots of vertical top-bottom here, and so even when conditions might not be perfect at base you can often enjoy really great snow on the upper areas of the resort. And from what I heard the season was generally pretty good and definitely better than 16-17.

When I went it was pretty busy and a fair "foreigner" presence. The
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Echo Valley
Nagawa Town, Nagano
Submitted by Nipponfraser on 31st January 2017
Icy icy all the way up
Rode the course from the very top of the mountain. I'll start out by saying that there were some very challenging runs with a very steep black level (not sure if its considered up to double black standard) route at the very top that surprised me given the relative size of the resort. That said, the runs were not suitable for any type of riding and most of the snow was man-made. There was a decent amount of snowfall that
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Kurumayama Kogen SKYPARK
Chino City, Nagano
Submitted by Colintokyo on 7th January 2017
I spent a 3 days of good early-season skiing at Iwappara in Niigata last week on a reported 30-35cm cover, so I was expecting even better on the reported 55cm at Kurumayama.

I was very disappointed to find that the only snow anywhere seemed to be man-made, with plenty of rocks and grass sticking out of the main slopes.

Gave up the board after the first run, but by the second run of the afternoon the top of the mountain
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Nozawa Onsen
Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano
Submitted by Runamuck on 14th April 2016
Amazing Japan Alps cultural & après experience
The town of Nozawa Onsen could not be faulted in any way or form. The accessibility from Tokyo is easy especially by the Hokuriku Shinkansen (Bullet train) from Tokyo after the Narita Express train from the airport. So you disembark just after Nagano at the nearby Japan Alps township of Iiyama and then either a bus or taxi to Nozawa Onsen.

On arrival you can see this is going to be a special experience. I arrived on the Tuesday prior to
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Nozawa Onsen
Nozawa Onsen Village, Nagano
Submitted by snowdude on 4th March 2016
Had a good time at Nozawa Onsen
Yesterday my brother and I went to Nozawa ski jo, it was the first time for both of us and somewhere I had wanted to go for sometime.

The weather was good, and although it did snow lightly from time to time, it also remained fine and quite sunny for long periods too, and with no wind felt very warm even at the very top it was not cold.

Compared to my area it was warm, I am used to much colder
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Hakuba Cortina
Otari Village, Nagano
Submitted by antond on 26th February 2016
Loved it!
I'd heard a lot about Cortina and am probably writing a slightly biased review as it was our only powder day out of 7, however I loved it here.

We'd had rain, ice and spring like conditions at Happo One, 47/Goryu and Tsugaike on the other 6 days. We woke up to snow on Feb 17, which also happened to be my birthday. We made the treck to Cortina from Wadano at Happo One (2 buses) and
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Shiga Kogen Yakebitaiyama
志賀高原 焼額山
Yamanouchi Town, Nagano
Submitted by robobin on 22nd February 2016
Well equipped and fairly diverse.
Yakebitaiyama is one of the larger Shiga Kogen areas and one of the better equipped. It's run by Prince so there's a bit more money behind than some of the other areas.

The resort is fairly well laid out and good for skiers and snowboarders since there wasn't all that much walking required. There aren't many lifts though. The two gondolas are the main ways of getting around the mountain and they do a good job when it isn't too busy.
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Shiga Kogen Yakebitaiyama
志賀高原 焼額山
Yamanouchi Town, Nagano
Submitted by Bushiman on 1st February 2016
A bit of a let down...
Thanks to another year of SJ giveaways, my buddy 'Neck' and I won lift tickets to Yakebitayama, one of the bigger and more popular resorts in the Shiga Kogen area.

Now, I go up to Shiga Kogen fairly often each season, but never to Yakebitai. Mainly due to the fact I can count on awesome off-piste terrain at other areas, and it's such a mission to drive up there sometimes I'd rather have a guaranteed good day than search out
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Shiga Kogen Yakebitaiyama
志賀高原 焼額山
Yamanouchi Town, Nagano
Submitted by NECK on 1st February 2016
High but flat
I was lucky enough to win a ticket for Yakebitaiyama from one of the amazing SnowJapan giveaways. Thanks! I decided to make use of the ticket almost as soon as it arrived. The forecast was for significant snowfall up in Shiga that coming weekend, so I planned a Saturday trip up there with my partner in crime, 'Bushiman'.

I have previously held a season pass for the entire Shiga area for a few seasons. I really like the area as it
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Mt Norikura Snow Resort
Matsumoto City, Nagano
Submitted by stonewall on 15th January 2016
Beautiful scenery, fun skiing
I had a lot of fun skiing for one day. There wasn't quite enough snow for the whole resort, but then Japan as a whole has been lacking snow recently. Some of the courses were a little sparse on snow, but it was still ski-able, and you weren't skiing on dirt. Two or three lifts were closed, so you couldn't go all the way to the top of the mountain (unless you walked, which a surprising number of people did).
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Hakuba Valley Kashimayari
Omachi City, Nagano
Submitted by NECK on 5th January 2016
Night Powder Lines
Kashimayari is a resort that I used to visit a lot when I first moved to Nagano. It is located at the far end of the Hakuba valley in Omachi, which makes it the first bigger resort you come to if you are driving up from the south.

Until about 6 years ago, Kashimayari used to be part of the interconnected Sun Alpina 3 resort area, along with Aokiko and Sanosaka. At this time the Sun Alpina linked resort area was
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