Utopia Saioto (Kita Hiroshima Town, Hiroshima)

Utopia Saioto
ユートピアサイオト (広島県 北広島町)
Planned season: Mid December 2018 until mid March 2019
Official snow depth Daily updates during snow season

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Utopia Saioto is located in Kita Hiroshima city in the north-western region of Hiroshima Prefecture and close to the border with Shimane Prefecture.

Hiroshima Prefecture is in the Chugoku region of western Japan. The capital city, Hiroshima, is on the southern coastline by the Seto Inland Sea. The two main regions of Hiroshima Prefecture where most of the ski hills can be found are the north-western region around Kita Hiroshima town and the north-eastern region of Shobara city.

The Mountain

ropeways Ropeways gondolas Gondolas quad lifts Quad lifts triple lifts Triple lifts pair lifts Pair lifts single lifts Single lifts other lifts Other
0 0 0 3 3 0 0

Utopia Saioto Snow Depth Statistics

Official snow depth numbers from the current season and previous season
December January February March
1st - 70cm 1st 30cm 120cm 1st 70cm 200cm 1st 30cm 180cm
2nd - 70cm 2nd 30cm 120cm 2nd 70cm 200cm 2nd 30cm 180cm
3rd - 70cm 3rd 30cm 120cm 3rd 70cm 200cm 3rd - 180cm
4th - 70cm 4th 30cm 120cm 4th 50cm 200cm 4th - 180cm
5th - 70cm 5th 30cm 120cm 5th 50cm 200cm 5th - 160cm
6th - 90cm 6th 30cm 120cm 6th 50cm 210cm 6th - 130cm
7th - 90cm 7th 30cm 120cm 7th 50cm 210cm 7th - 130cm
8th - 90cm 8th 30cm 100cm 8th 50cm 250cm 8th - 130cm
9th - 110cm 9th 30cm 100cm 9th 50cm 250cm 9th - 130cm
10th - 110cm 10th 30cm 110cm 10th 60cm 250cm 10th - 110cm
11th - 110cm 11th 30cm 150cm 11th 60cm 250cm 11th - 110cm
12th - 130cm 12th 30cm 150cm 12th 60cm 250cm 12th - 100cm
13th - 130cm 13th 30cm 150cm 13th 60cm 250cm 13th - 100cm
14th - 130cm 14th 30cm 150cm 14th 60cm 250cm 14th - 100cm
15th - 130cm 15th 30cm 150cm 15th 60cm 250cm 15th - 100cm
16th - 130cm 16th 30cm 150cm 16th 60cm 240cm 16th - 80cm
17th - 130cm 17th 30cm 150cm 17th 60cm 240cm 17th - 70cm
18th - 150cm 18th 30cm 120cm 18th 60cm 240cm 18th - 70cm
19th - 150cm 19th 30cm 120cm 19th 60cm 240cm 19th - 50cm
20th - 150cm 20th 30cm 120cm 20th 30cm 210cm 20th - 50cm
21st - 150cm 21st 30cm 120cm 21st 30cm 210cm 21st - 50cm
22nd - 150cm 22nd 30cm 120cm 22nd 30cm 210cm 22nd - 50cm
23rd - 150cm 23rd 30cm 130cm 23rd 30cm 210cm 23rd - 50cm
24th - 150cm 24th 30cm 130cm 24th 30cm 210cm 24th - 50cm
25th - 150cm 25th 30cm 150cm 25th 30cm 210cm 25th - 50cm
26th - 120cm 26th 60cm 150cm 26th 30cm 210cm 26th - -
27th - 120cm 27th 60cm 170cm 27th 30cm 210cm 27th - -
28th 0cm 120cm 28th 60cm 170cm 28th 30cm 210cm 28th - -
29th - 120cm 29th 70cm 170cm 29th - - 29th - -
30th 30cm 120cm 30th 70cm 170cm 30th 30th - -
31st 30cm 120cm 31st 70cm 200cm 31st 31st - -

Previous Statistics

Utopia Saioto Facilities

Ski School: Available Snowboard School: Available
Ski and snowboard lessons are available at Utopia Saioto. 
Equipment Rental
Ski Rental: Available Snowboard Rental: Available
Ski and snowboard equipment rental is available.
Ski and snowboard wear rental is also available. 
Children Facilities
Children's facilities
'Kids Kingdom' is a sledding area located by the Family course in the base area. Free entry with valid lift ticket; otherwise 1,000 yen.

There is also a 'Chibbiko Anzen Zone' (Children Safe Zone) near the car park which is free to enter. 
Park Information
Park information
There are a number of Snow Park areas at Utopia Saioto - the 'Main Park', the 'Stadium Park', the 'Debut Park' and the small 'Puchi Park'. Entry is free with valid lift ticket. 

Utopia Saioto Season & Opening Times

Typical season is from Mid December until Mid March
October November December January February March April May June July
Weekends and holidays Normally open from 8:00am until 6:00pm
Weekdays Normally open from 8:00am until 5:00pm
'Nighta' (night skiing)
Weekends and holidays No
Weekdays No
Opening information
Opening information
Utopia Saioto is open from 8:00am until 5:00pm every day of the season.

Utopia Saioto Lift Ticket Charges

Adults Child
Junior High School age & under
1 Day 4,800 yen 2,500 yen 3,500 yen
5 Hours 3,500 yen 2,000 yen 3,000 yen
1 Lift Coupon 500 yen 500 yen 500 yen
Lift Ticket Information The hourly tickets are valid from the time of purchase.

Getting to Utopia Saioto

By public transport
70.8km from Hiroshima Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen line
43.7km from Hamada Station on the Sanin Honsen line
Transport Information
Utopia Saioto under 44km from Hamada Station on the Sanin Honsen line and about 71km from Hiroshima Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen line.
No shuttle bus service information is available.
By Car
34.4km from the Togouchi IC on the Chugoku Expressway
39.8km from the Chiyoda IC on the Chugoku Expressway
43.5km from the Hamada IC on the Hamada Expressway
Nearest national route: Route 186 (7.6km away)
Nearest prefecture road: Prefecture Road 11
Utopia Saioto is located just by the side of Prefecture Road 11 in Kita Hiroshima.

The resort is about 10km from Route 186 (also known as Iwami Highway).

Togouchi IC on the Chugoku Expressway is about 34km to the south and Hamada IC on the Hamada Expressway is about 43km to the north.
There is parking for 1,500 vehicles at the base of the resort. Parking is 1,000 yen per car.

More Information

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Sayooto 144
Kita Hiroshima-cho
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Current resort snow depth
Daily updates during snow season
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