Resort Spotlight: Ishiuchi Maruyama (Niigata)

Ishiuchi Maruyama (Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture)

* Just 90 minutes from Tokyo Station * Heavy natural snowfall
* Wide course area * Varied snow experiences to enjoy

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Friday 21st December 2018 until early Sunday 7th April 2019


Ishiuchi Maruyama ski and snowboard resort, one of the larger resorts in Japan and located in the Minamiuonuma region of Niigata Prefecture (previously known as Shiozawa, just to the north of Yuzawa town), was originally funded and developed by ski enthusiasts living in Tokyo more than 50 years ago. 

The resort expanded and developed over the years by a number of companies and local people into the resort that it is today... a popular and well-known modern ski and snowboard resort in a great location. Due to the years of development, the area has some unique characteristics - especially with a wide range of accommodations, restaurants and other facilities competing to provide the highest quality of service to guests.

The resort offers a wider range of ski slopes and facilities for all ranges and abilities of skier and snowboarder.  Although the altitude of the ski base is relatively low, the resort receives heavy snowfall each winter thanks to the geographical characteristics of the region and that fact along with the facilities enable the resort to annually host various large-scale national ski and snowboard events.

The top of the resort is connected to the neighbouring GALA Yuzawa resort and a special lift ticket is available that allows you to ride at Ishiuchi Maruyama, GALA Yuzawa and the other connected resort, Yuzawa Kogen - making for an extremely large area that will take you a few days to fully explore!

Some of the best 'nighta' in Japan!

Ishiuchi Maruyama is also well-known as offering some of the most extensive - and best - nighta (floodlit night skiing) in Japan.  The Oumaruyama course is also open on weekdays for the 16-17 season.

Powder Areas

Special 'Powder Areas' on the upper part of the mountain, the Oumaruyama course and Giant course are areas where you can enjoy top quality untouched Niigata snow. In this region, it is not unknown for a full metre of snow to fall in one night! Make an early morning start to hit the powder in a morning after a big snowfall.


Park areas

Ishiuchi Maruyama is a popular resort choice for people who enjoy 'park', and this year there's a new 'Hike Up Area' and more attractions for park lovers. The 500m long main park area is a must and within the area itself there are different areas for people of varying skill levels and experience... so beginners can try it out too. The half pipe is also a popular and famous attraction at Ishiuchi Maruyama.

Kids facilities

The Friendly Cross area by Sportsman Course features a range of attractions such as banks, waves - and is fun for everyone from young children to adults wanting their first go at a snow park type area. For children who are not ready to put on skis or a snowboard yet, the Ishimaru-kun Kids Park is recommended. This area, which is located by the Chuo Entrance base area features a snow escalator and other items for young children to enjoy.


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Resort Data

Vertical Drop: 664m
Top Elevation: 920m
Trails: 24
Terrain:  40% beginner - 40% intermediate  - 20% advanced
Lifts: 15 lifts - Quad (5); Triple (6); Pair (3); Single (1)
Half Pipes: 2
Terrain parks: 3
Kids parks: 2
Restaurants: 20 inside area

Course Data

1   Marchen Course 1000m 20º max gradient
2   Paradise Course 830m 16º max gradient
3   Green Course 220m 12º max gradient
4   Rinkan Course 850m 10º max gradient
5   Sportsman Course 650m 18º max gradient
6   Dynamic Bypass 350 10º max gradient
7   Angel Course 500m 20º max gradient
8   Ginza Course 670m 18º max gradient
9   Kita Maruyama Course 350m 18º max gradient
10   Beginner Course 650m 12º max gradient
11   Summit Course 420m 15º max gradient
12   Elite Course 180m 18º max gradient
13   Chuoshakakko Course 200m 12º max gradient
14   Oumaruyama Course 500m 30º max gradient
15   Silver Course 420m 26º max gradient
16   Super Course 600m 27º max gradient
17   Hoppichler Course 270m 30º max gradient
18   Tyrol Course 350m 29º max gradient
19   Gengoro Course 500m 25º max gradient
20   Dynamic Course 430m 24º max gradient
21   Sancho Course 900m 35º max gradient
22   Giant Course 1050m 32º max gradient
23   Devil Down Course 800m 33º max gradient
24   Kokutai Course 350m 35º max gradient

H1 Hatsukaishi Iriguchi Lift (Triple) NIGHTA
H2 Hatsukaishi Summit Lift (Triple)  
H3 Hatsukaishi No.2 Pair Lift (Pair) NIGHTA
H4 Hatsukaishi Super Lift (Triple)  


C1 Chuo No.1 High Speed (Quad) NIGHTA*
C2 Chuo No.2 Lift AB Line (Triple) NIGHTA*
C3 Chuo No.3 High Speed (Triple)  
C5 Chuo Paradise Lift (Triple)  
C6 Chuo Sancho Lift (Quad)  


K1 Kankou No.1 Express (Quad) NIGHTA
K2 Kankou No.2 Express (Quad)  
K3 Kankou No.3 Express (Quad) NIGHTA*
K4 Kankou No.4 Pair Lift (Pair)  
K6 Green Lift (Pair)  

Ishiuchi Maruyama is open for excellent 'nighta' with 7 lifts (on weekends) servicing a wide area of courses for everyone from beginners to advanced skiers to enjoy. See the above data for the lifts that open for night skiing and snowboarding.  (* These lifts operate at night on weekdays, access from Chuo Entrance). Nighta operations daily from Saturday 23rd December 2017 until Saturday 17th March 2018, from 5:00pm until 8:50pm.


Places to eat

There is a wide selection of great places to eat both around the base of Ishiuchi Maruyama and on the mountain.  The Ishiuchi region is famous throughout Japan as producing what is widely considered as the best rice in all of Japan - Uonuma koshihikari. Try it for yourself this season at Ishiuchi Maruyama! There are also a good selection of onsen hot springs available nearby that you can enjoy.


Lift Tickets 2017/2018 Season

  Adults Seniors Children    
Ishiuchi Maruyama Ticket
AM Ticket 3,800 yen 2,800 yen 3,200 yen 8am-1pm All Ishiuchi Maruyama lifts
PM Ticket 3,800 yen 2,800 yen 3,200 yen 12pm-5pm All Ishiuchi Maruyama lifts
1 Day Ticket 4,500 yen 3,400 yen 3,800 yen 8am-5pm All Ishiuchi Maruyama lifts
2 Day Ticket 7,900 yen 5,900 yen 6,400 yen   Nighta on 1st day OK
3 Day Ticket 11,500 yen 7,700 yen 9,800 yen   Nighta on 1st and 2nd day OK
Long PM Ticket 4,500 yen 3,400 yen 3,800 yen 12pm-Close All Ishiuchi Maruyama lifts
Nighta 2,000 yen 5pm-Close All lifts that are open for Nighta operations
1 Day Lunch Pack 4,800 yen       1 Day Ticket or Long PM Ticket + Lunch Ticket + Other discounts
Half Day Lunch Pack 4,300 yen       Half Day Ticket + Lunch Ticket + Other discounts
All Season 52,500 yen 42,500 yen     Valid all season
Season (1st Feb-) 37,500 yen 32,000 yen     Valid every day from 1st February
Three Mountain Ticket
1 Day 5,100 yen 4,200 yen   8am-5pm Ishiuchi Maruyama
GALA Yuzawa
Yuzawa Kogen
- including gondola and ropeway.
2 Day 8,100 yen 6,600 yen   8am-5pm

The Three Mountain ticket is valid at Ishiuchi Maruyama and connecting GALA Yuzawa and Yuzawa Kogen resorts.
The connection is available from 6th January until 18th March 2018

Getting to Ishiuchi Maruyama

It is very easy to get to Ishiuchi Maruyama.... the resort is located just 200km to the north of Tokyo and close to the centre of Yuzawa Town.

>>> Maps showing location of Ishiuchi Maruyama

By car:

Ishiuchi Maruyama is located just off Route 17 close to the border of Yuzawa town and Minamiuonuma city:

-- 3km from the Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC exit of the Kanetsu Expressway
-- 5km from the Yuzawa I.C. exit of the Kanetsu Expressway

By train:

Just 1 and a half hours from Tokyo using the Joetsu Shinkansen bullet train to Echigo Yuzawa Station. There is a regular free shuttle bus service running from Echigo Yuzawa station to the Hatsukaishi and Chuo entrances of Ishiuchi Maruyama. The journey from Echigo Yuzawa Station to takes just 10 minutes.


Ishiuchi Maruyama
Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture