Start Here - a quick guide to the new SnowJapan

When we were planning this new version of SnowJapan, we very much wanted to keep the site as clean-looking and easy-to-use as possible.

Given the huge amount of content within SnowJapan that has built up over a period of 12 years, deciding how to present all of the information in the best way was a challenge.  We wanted to keep the interface as simple and clean as possible, but at the same time we also wanted the entire content of SnowJapan to be accessible in a few clicks.

You will discover a lot of 'related content' on many of the pages of the site.  For example, if you are viewing the main information page for a particular ski resort, you will have easy access to related Resort Reviews, Photos, Maps, other nearby ski resorts and nearby accommodation.  All of these things are clearly displayed on the page.  This is probably a great way to discover places you might not otherwise find....

So what's new? Everything!

It's almost impossible for us to post a list of 'what's new' on SnowJapan because essentially... it is all new.
We encourage you to take a look around and discover what you can do on the new SnowJapan.  Hopefully it is mostly fairly self-explanatory. 
For a bit of background on how we got here, this is a good introduction to SnowJapan.
We have created a topic on the Forums for people to post things they have discovered about the new site, so that might be worth checking out.  That topic can be found here.


Main site navigation

The site has six main menu buttons displayed horizontally towards the top of the pages.  These can help you navigate around the main sections of the site.  Sub-menus will appear when you mouse-over (click on mobile) a menu button and from there you can view the main pages within that particular section.

Snow Resorts
Discover Japanese ski resorts by Prefecture, by Popular Area, by Town and perform in depth searches on our database.

Places to Stay
Accommodation in some of the most popular snow resort areas of Japan.

Daily Reports
Our exclusive daily snow and weather reporting from popular snow areas of Japan, posted daily throughout the winter season.

Resort Reviews, submitted by members of SnowJapan.  Please share your thoughts on Japanese ski-jo that you have visited by submitting a Resort Review in this section.

Photos from Japanese ski resorts, uploaded by members of SnowJapan.  Please share your photos of Japanese ski-jo that you have visited by uploading Photos in this section.

General Info
Information guides including our 'Introduction to Japan winter sports'.  More detailed Travel Information guides are going to be added in the future.



You should find 'breadcrumbs' on each page of the site, just under the main site navigation buttons.  These breadcrumbs will allow you go 'go back up' one level, aiding navigation through the site.



You can login to our new 'MySnowJapan' members area using an existing SnowJapanForums username and password. If you already a member of the SnowJapanForums, just login here using those details.  Any content that you uploaded previously (Photos and Reviews) should be there waiting for you when you login.  (If it isn't please contact us).

If you are not a member of the SnowJapanForums, you can sign up for free here.

For more about the MySnowJapan area and what you can do once logged in, please read this.


Bottom menu

Links to some of the main sections and information pages can be found in the bottom area of each page of SnowJapan.  If you ever need to contact us, there's a link there to get in touch.


We hope you like using the new SnowJapan and feel like joining in the fun - both online and on the slopes.