About SnowJapan Travel

About SnowJapan 'Travel'

Welcome to this new major Travel section on SnowJapan - something we have been working on since late 2014. Over the coming months and years, we intend to add further content to this section including new guides for other regions of Japan. Specific information for the upcoming 2015-2016 season will also be added.


While we have made every effort to make sure that the information is correct, SnowJapan does not take any responsibility for any plans that are made based on the information presented here - please check with official travel information sources before you make any firm arrangements.

Our original maps, diagrams and lists are intended to be a simple and useful reference. They have been made specifically for people who are visiting snow resort regions of Japan. They are not 'complete' and in an effort to be clear certain information has been left out in some instances.

SnowJapan is not a travel agency and we do not consult on, or help make, travel arrangements.

Please understand that we are not be able to reply to requests for further information.


I have found what I think is a mistake
If you find what you believe to be a mistake, or feel that something is not as clear as it could be... please let us know about it! We want the information on SnowJapan to be accurate and clear, so contact us* and we will see to any necessary changes promptly. If you do not let us know about any issues, we might not find them quickly. So please do help us and the many other people who will be reading the information.

I want to suggest more information for existing guides or make suggestions for new guides
Thank you! Contact us and let us know your thoughts.

The information is not complete!
'Complete' will always be somewhere out-of-reach, but we certainly want the information that is presented on our website to be as comprehensive as possible. If you have suggestions for further information, contact us* to let us know how you think we can make improvements.

How have you chosen which regions to cover?
The regions that we have initially covered in this section (as of September 2015) are some of the most popular ski and snowboard regions of Japan. However, there are of course many more popular ski resort regions and we do intend to add more regions to this section over time. It is not our intention to try and persuade anyone to choose any particular region of Japan over other regions, and none of the content here is funded by any resort or business.

Why is (insert area name here) not covered?
Please see above. Additionally, if you feel that an area should be covered please let us know* and we will put it on our list.

* Contact SnowJapan here < but remember that we are not able to answer specific travel questions!

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